Welcome to Frequently Flying!

I’m pleased you found my website and hope you enjoy the content.  Before I jump into a regular posting routine, I’ll devote this first post to a proper introduction.

If you’re familiar with the topics discussed on Flyertalk, or the blogs over at BoardingArea and Upgrd, then you’ll have a reasonable understanding of my initial purpose for this site.  I plan on writing posts around my observations and experiences while traveling, and will keep you up-to-date on the hot topics in the airline and hotel industries, particularly the loyalty programs.  I have some ideas for branching out into other areas & services in the future, but for now I hope you enjoy reading along.

a group of credit cardsIn addition to the info on the About page, it would be appropriate to let you know the majority of my flying is on United Airlines, where I have held elite status off-and-on since 1990.  I’m currently a 1K (100,000 miles or more per year), and have just recently started earning status on the hotel side with Radisson.  I’ve been obsessed with the industry since childhood, and it was initially the focus of my career.

I’ll be gradually updating the layout, functions and other capabilities, so please bear with me while I get through my web development growing pains.  I welcome your comments and questions, and hope you enjoy reading along as much as I’m going to love working on this site.

To give you an idea at the level of my obsession with the industry, I’ll close this first post with two of my favorite things.  My favorite sound is a 777 on takeoff roll (DC-10 used to be tops), and my favorite smell is that waft of jet fuel you experience when walking down a jetway… preferably in winter.

First Class wishes,


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