Will United’s Boeing 787 Inaugural Occur on November 4?

[Edited 10/19/12: A Media Relations representative responded to me (via my CNBC request) that the inaugural IAH-ORD flight is still on for November 4!]

Rumors are floating around that United is experiencing technical issues with the sole Boeing 787 Dreamliner currently in its possession. And delivery of United’s second 787 may be slipping.

Flyertalk member “colpuck” posted:

I heard a rumor that the 787 is having unspecified ‘problems’ and that EIS on (the) 4th is optimistic. Also in that vein, Boeing’s delivery of 787 #2 is slipping.

Colpuck later posts:

I heard a little more. If there’s going to be a delay, it will be announced next week.

This would be a huge blow to those of us who purchased non-refundable tickets just to ride on one of the many planned flights slated to begin on November 4. I have two separate reservations. One roundtrip paid with cash and the other as an award. Fortunately, I could cancel the award without penalty if the flights do indeed get scrubbed. And while I could cancel my cash ticket, I don’t want to get dinged the $150 fee, not to mention I have non-refundable hotel reservations in Houston. That ticket would just turn into one very expensive mileage/mattress run.

It was a calculated risk to book the first scheduled trip, I understand that. And several of my Twitter followers mentioned that they didn’t book flights on 11/4 for just this reason. But it would still be enormously unfortunate.

For what it’s worth, I also heard from another source that members of the flight team leading the FAA flight testing say that they disagree with the rumors. This, too, is unconfirmed of course.

If the rumors are true, I’m hoping the issues are ironed out in the little more than two weeks we have to go. Otherwise, for those of us still in Houston on the 4th, we’ll just have to get together for a meet-up DO. 🙂

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  1. Super bummer! Still glad I am on a refundable rate, but I know many aren’t. Hope things turn around quickly, but it doesn’t really sound like it is that kind of problem(s).

  2. For selfish reasons I don’t care, because I am booked on 787 (as part of pre-787 booking) a week later and then a month after that. Unselfishly it would be a very bad situation to have all this run up to the first flight and then have all the people left out in the cold (or hot as it may be at IAH). Anyway, for those that aren’t going to cancel if it doesn’t fly 11/4, I look forward to hopefully meeting up with some of you, and if it does fly, I look forward to hopefully meeting up with some of you.

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