World’s Top Airline Amenity Kits of 2012 – TravelPlus Awards

I posted the third annual TravelPlus Airline Amenity Bag Award winners over on my Road Warrior blog last week. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention them here, as many of you know I’m an amenity kit aficionado.

Not surprisingly, the top honors in each category went to non-U.S. carriers. United Airlines, however, did receive a readers’ choice nod for “collaborative initiative” for its Global First amenity kit. Here were the results:

First Class Female – Emirates Airways supplied by Harmony-gategroup
First Class Male – Etihad Airways supplied by Watermark
First Class Unisex – Singapore Airlines supplied by Harmony-gategroup

Business Class Female – Virgin Australia supplied by buzz
Business Class Male – Qantas supplied by buzz
Business Class Unisex – Turkish Airlines supplied by FORMIA

Premium Economy – Condor supplied by Skysupply
Economy – Virgin Atlantic supplied by Harmony- gategroup
In-flight Amenity Gift – Singapore Airlines supplied by Harmony- gategroup

Children’s under 6 – Qantas supplied by buzz
Children’s over 6 – Qatar Airways supplied by buzz

Ethically Sustainable – Finnair supplied by Skysupply with a Highly Commended Award going to Cathay Pacific supplied by Watermark

I’ve got a lot of work to do to build up my collection, as I only have one of the above – the Virgin Australia female business class kit. TravelPlus photographer David Jenner has a great photo collection of the winners here.

It’s an event I’ll be marking on my calendar to attend next year in Hamburg and it also coincides with the Aircraft Interiors Expo the same week.

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  1. Good to know, believe it or not I have never flew commercial in my life. only budget, only charter. Did not know that the commercial airlines give you gifts.

  2. I am not sure how that particular writer from TravelPlus could claim there is “Inflight Amenity Gift” category and win by SQ, that particular photo was SQ’s Ferragamo kit in F prior to Kiehl’s. SQ had changed to Kiehl’s before the end of 2011, so that photo is old and shouldn’t be up for this award. It is VERY much misleading to readers thinking that in addition to Kiehl’s kit in F, pax will still get the Ferragamo kit as separate gift. Not to mention, SQ don’t ever have a separate inflight amenity gift in addition to the amenity kit no matter you are flying R or F or C. OZ is the only airline do that for their long haul F pax. (It started with Versace Rosenthal chinaware or Wedgewood wine aerators, to Ferragamo candle, then iphone case)

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