Worst ‘Airline’ Pajamas Ever!

I think I’ve discovered the “airline†with the worst pajamas ever! There’s been a bit of silence here on Frequently Flying and I can sum it up in just one photo showing me wearing these horribly itchy and ill-filling garments.

a man lying in a hospital bed

Darren in horrible “airline” pajamas

Sorry… I had to find my sense of humor given some recent events. Not to worry everyone, I’m on the mend and regularly scheduled programming will be returning shortly. 🙂

I read some general blogger advice that these types of posts are pointless, and after a period of absence you just get back to your blog’s content as normal. But I hate total silence, and I wanted to get this out there given the volume of comments and emails I’ve been unable to reply to. I’ll get to them as soon as I can.

To make matters worse, it appears that my primary email, darren@frequentlyflying.com, was down for a while (it should be back up now). You can always try me at darrenkbooth@gmail.com, too.

So… look for new posts and a return to Twitter soon.

Until then, happy flying!


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