You know you’re an airline geek when…

I’ve collected airline-related memorabilia since I was a child and built up quite a collection of items over the years. When I worked for United, I went overboard in the company logo store that used to exist in the old executive offices there on Algonquin Road in Elk Grove Village. If it had the United logo on it, I probably owned it at one time or another. Through moving, downsizing and gifting, I no longer have many of the items, but here are a couple of things I’ve always maintained.

a glass full of cotton budsIn my bathroom, I use the current United Airlines business class wine glass as my Q-tip holder, and passengers in the back seat of my car get to browse vintage airline safety cards in the seatback pocket in front of them. Anyone else out there a nut like me and want to share yours?a close-up of a pocket


  1. I have my Q-tips in a Northwest Airlines shot glass I swiped off a Northwest 747 first class on a LGW to MSP flight! I thought I was the only one… I love the safety card idea in the seat back of your car. I might have to do that too!

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