200 United Airlines MileagePlus miles for new e-miles members plus a sweepstakes

Continental sent out their weekly “News and Offers†email to subscribers yesterday and I noticed an offer for 200 “free†OnePass (soon to be MileagePlus) miles for new e-miles memberships and a sweepstakes with a grand prize of 100,000 miles.

a screenshot of a cardThere’s a bit of work to get those 200 miles, though, as it requires you sign-up and activate your free membership by February 29, 2012, then participate in a little marketing research.

a screenshot of a emailI haven’t signed up as of yet, but probably will in the coming days just to check it out and see if continued participation might yield a few hundred miles here and there. Miles earned in the program can then be redeemed with a variety of airlines, either Hilton or IHG Priority Club on the hotel front, or converted into Amazon gift cards.

a screenshot of a computer screenGiven the terms state it takes 4-6 weeks for the 200 miles to post, I’d recommend plugging your OnePass number in to avoid any posting issues once legacy MileagePlus numbers disappear on March 3.


  1. 200 miles is a minuscule reward for helping them create a detailed customer profile. No thanks. For me, the question is how many EQM/PQM it would take for that to be attractive. Probably somewhere between 2,000 – 5,000.

  2. I just read these rules…. does this mean that we have to keep answering 20-point surveys until we get up to the 500 point threshold to get any points at all? If that’s the case, I’ll pass…. it’s not worth the time.

    •e-Miles miles are deposited in 500 mile increments with overages remaining in your e-Miles account. e-Miles reserves the right to change the increments and/or frequency of deposits.
    •e-Miles miles not deposited into your OnePass account expire one year after the quarter in which they were earned.

  3. @Arthur: Agreed that 200 miles isn’t much of a teaser.
    @Arnold: I haven’t gone in as deep as you have yet to read the terms & conditions (I’m on a multi-day mileage run right now). Based on what you’ve found, it doesn’t sound that appealing… thanks for posting the info!

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