Video: Washing a Southwest Boeing 737 in preparation for its C-check

Here’s a nifty video a friend sent me showing a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 getting a thorough wash before it goes in for its C-check in Houston. One of the lead mechanics provides audio commentary throughout the short video even noting, “The main purpose of the wash isn’t cosmetic. It’s to clean up components for inspectors the next night to inspect everything and get a good look.”




    • @AAdvantage Geek: Not a dumb question, my friend. The “check” part refers to the maintenance required on an aircraft at a stated interval. The lettering is from A to D, with D being the most intensive and time consuming, taking the aircraft out of service for a period of time. A-checks I think can be done while an aircraft is in active service during a layover.

  1. Thanks for sharing, great post! I had no idea they would go through the trouble to wash a plane for an inspection. Is this something unique to Southwest, or do all of the airlines do this?

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