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Video: Washing a Southwest Boeing 737 in preparation for its C-check

Here’s a nifty video a friend sent me showing a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 getting a thorough wash before it goes in for its C-check in Houston. One of the lead mechanics provides audio commentary throughout the short video even noting, “The main purpose of the wash isn’t cosmetic. It’s to clean up components for…

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Southwest Airlines jet skids off runway, plus merger approved with AirTran

Southwest Airlines has been in the news in recent days for a couple of incidents, and successfully winning government approval to proceed with the AirTran Airways merger. Yesterday, Flight 1919 from Denver skidded off runway 13C after landing during a rainstorm at Chicago’s Midway Airport. None of the 134 passengers or five crew members were…

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Vintage Airline Seat Map: United Airlines Boeing 737-200

It’s time for another Vintage Airline Seat Map, and I’ve selected a United Airlines Boeing 737-200. Seating 109 passengers in a two-cabin configuration, this bird was an absolute workhorse for United during its tenure with the carrier & affectionately called the “guppy.†I flew it many, many times in both cabins and really enjoyed watching…

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A few words on Continental Airlines vs. United Airlines domestically

Now that I have several Continental Airlines flights in both first class & coach under my belt, I’ve developed a list of service-related items I’d like to see in the combined carrier. These are in no particular order and are only comparing Continental and United Airlines on domestic flights. Boarding Process: United. Continental’s procedure offers…

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