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Suggestion for “galley curtain policy” to reduce airline cabin light pollution

A flight attendant’s recent use of a curtain in the forward galley got me to thinking about the “curtain policy†U.S. airlines have been forced to take resulting from a post September 11, 2001 directive by the TSA. Airlines were initially ordered to remove all curtains that impede a visual line of sight from anywhere…

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A few words on Continental Airlines vs. United Airlines domestically

Now that I have several Continental Airlines flights in both first class & coach under my belt, I’ve developed a list of service-related items I’d like to see in the combined carrier. These are in no particular order and are only comparing Continental and United Airlines on domestic flights. Boarding Process: United. Continental’s procedure offers…

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The NEW United Airlines identity, livery, color scheme, paint job, etc.

I flew through Denver yesterday and was able to see with my own eyes for the first time a couple of United Airlines aircraft painted in the new colors. I’m not talking about Continental airplanes pulled into the shop, stripped of the Continental name and repainted in the UNITED font, but rather genuine United registered…

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