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Would This American Airlines Livery Have Been a Better Choice?

In the odd chance you haven’t already heard, American unveiled their new livery and logo today. American will no longer be able to sport a polished aluminum look as some of the new fleet types on order are made of composite materials, including the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. And so, at 9:00 a.m. CST today, American…

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Notable Airline, Hotel and Travel Industry News: January 16, 2013

The FAA issued an airworthiness directive requiring U.S. airlines to ground Boeing 787 Dreamliners until the aircraft is proven safe to fly. Meaning, United must ground its current fleet of six 787s until the battery issue (and possibly others) are resolved. Meanwhile, the FAA is seeking to ban pilots from using their portable electronic devices…

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The NEW United Airlines identity, livery, color scheme, paint job, etc.

I flew through Denver yesterday and was able to see with my own eyes for the first time a couple of United Airlines aircraft painted in the new colors. I’m not talking about Continental airplanes pulled into the shop, stripped of the Continental name and repainted in the UNITED font, but rather genuine United registered…

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Video: First United Airlines 777 is repainted into the new livery

In my weekly review of airline-related videos posted to youtube, I came across a few today featuring the repaint of one of United’s Boeing 777s. At least they started with a battleship gray plane before defacing the more recent livery, the one I will fervently miss. Regardless, it is an interesting process to watch in…

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