2011 was a fantastic travel year… looking forward to 2012

The year is coming to a close and it was a fantastic one for me, especially for travel. I experienced two new airlines – Cathay Pacific and Asiana – and was fortunate enough to fly in First Class on both. I end up redeeming miles pretty quickly after I accrue them, but this next year I’m saving them for a very special trip.

I think most people have a friend or loved one they confide in with their deepest thoughts and mine is my very best friend Eric. I’ve been urging him for years to get a passport and he finally did just this year. In the very near future, I look forward to taking him on his first international trip somewhere in style.

two men taking a selfieEric is the type of friend who has always been there for me. He saw me through a slew of emotional rollercoasters and is someone I admire for his sincerity, humility, persistence in reaching me when I didn’t want him to and his unconditional acceptance of my mistakes.

Last year, I took Eric on his first ever mileage run. We flew from Chicago to Denver to Phoenix and back the same day. What was particularly fun was flying to Denver on an internationally configured 767. It was his first time in such a bird and I specifically picked the rear-facing seats so he could experience something new.

I flew more this year than last, so already have a nice mileage balance built up with United and I’m sure I’ll take him on a Star Alliance trip somewhere in 2012 or 2013. Here’s my final tally with United, having flown my last trip with them this year on Christmas Day.

a screenshot of a web pageI also achieved Platinum on American Airlines, something I’m proud of and I was truly impressed with American’s service. I’m too close to Million Miler status on United to outright switch loyalty at this point, but I’ll definitely consider it once I have my lifetime status.

I have a couple of fantastic trips booked next year. I’m flying on my first ever Airbus A380 with Singapore Airlines in Business Class and traveling with my flatmate to his home country of Ireland in BusinessFirst on Continental-United. I also already have 50,000 EQMs on the books for 2012, so feel confident I’ll once again achieve 1K status with United.

My 2011 was a great year of travel… check out my Cathay Pacific and Asiana Airlines trip reports. Here’s to a rewarding 2012. Happy New Year!


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