1. Love the “Trance” soundtrack – who is the artist?

    I did the same flight/class in Sept this year, and am doing it again next May with my wife.

  2. I just experienced a dejavu when watching your video. On Nov. 24 I was on Asiana ICN-FRA. It was 747 and I was in 2K. I’m pretty sure that this was exactly the same plane and seat because I recognized that piece of foam sticking out underneath the window. Even more ironically, when I boarded it was exactly the same passanger configuration – I was in 2K and the only other person on board was a Korean gentelman in the same seat as in your video.

    On a separate note, I’m surprised that you took Medium PJ. They definitely run small as I took L and they were bit small for me.

  3. Very cool coincidence, Papa Smurf. The large were a touch too big and while the mediums didn’t exactly come down to my wrist, the overall fit was better and find the breathing room more comfortable.

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