Airline policies, rules & regulations while flying

For many, traveling is a stressful activity filled with uncertainty and nervous apprehension in knowing what to do and how to act. It has become pretty routine for me and the other frequently flying types, and most respectfully go along with the various rules and regulations the airlines dish out whether or not they agree with them.

Case in point is the turning off of all electronic devices once the aircraft door has been closed and the captain is ready for pushback. The chances of any device actually interfering with the aircraft or ground systems are extremely remote, and have been shown to be virtually impossible to replicate when they have. So, while I don’t necessarily agree with the overall ban, I do generally play along and humor the policy. There have been times I’ve honestly forgotten and found a nearly dead battery in my phone after a cross-country flight (constantly searching for a tower?), and I can be found guilty for taking some pictures on takeoff using my camera, but I will not pull this.

Josh Duhamel allegedly refused to turn off his BlackBerry and was incredibly rude to the flight attendant taunting and laughing at him, which allowed the captain to return the aircraft to the gate and have him removed from the flight. While this is highly publicized since it was a celebrity, I’m sure this has happens more than we hear about. I have witnessed similarly schmucky behavior by people on my flights having to be repeatedly told to shut down their devices, but stopping short of taunting and laughing at the flight attendants.

So, while it might be annoying and uncomfortable to bring my seatback upright and turn off my technology for a while, I will play along out of respect for the flight attendants and some of the people they have to deal with.

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