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Listening to air traffic control onboard United Airlines

As a former student pilot, I appreciate listening to “From the Flight Deck” (Channel 9) onboard United Airlines flights. While it is the captain’s prerogative as to whether or not to offer it on each flight, I have found it available more often than not. It brings the flights to life and enables you to…

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Airline policies, rules & regulations while flying

For many, traveling is a stressful activity filled with uncertainty and nervous apprehension in knowing what to do and how to act. It has become pretty routine for me and the other frequently flying types, and most respectfully go along with the various rules and regulations the airlines dish out whether or not they agree…

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Airline no-show policies, communication failures and our expectations

This week a blogger posted a lengthy rant about his customer service experience with United Airlines over the Thanksgiving weekend. The short version of his story is that he bought a roundtrip ticket, didn’t show for the first flight (drove instead), so United canceled the reservation. A few days later, he shows up wanting to…

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