Amenity Kit Review: Air Berlin Business Class

It’s time for another Amenity Kit Review and I’ve selected the Business Class offering from Air Berlin, soon to become a full member airline within the Oneworld alliance. For a better description of each category and the 7-point scale for scoring, please review my introduction post here.

a red and blue bag with items in itBag/Container: The deep gray nylon/canvas duck bag with bright red accents is subtly branded with an “†fabric tag. The zipper operates smoothly to reveal a bright multi-compartment interior, which can also hang on the lavatory door compliments of the metal hook sewn into one compartment. The skin care and toothpaste items have their own uniquely sized sections, along with a zippered mesh base and two other empty zippered compartments. The bag is flexible, so adding additional personal products on future trips makes reusability in my mind high. While it’s not a luxurious bag per se, its incredibly unique design, colors and functionality earn it a near top score. Score: 6

Skin Care: Air Berlin partnered with L’Occitane to provide skin care products, including Shea butter lip balm, lotion and moist towelette. The lip balm contains 10% Shea butter along with other ingredients, has a pleasant “taste†and is effective. The lotion is very heavy and leaves a greasy after finish, but the moist cleansing cloth is refreshing with an orange blossom floral scent. It is unknown to me what additional supplies are in the lavatories, so I’ve scored this as middle of the road acceptable. Score: 4

Oral Care: This kit includes a fullsized toothbrush when attaching its holding case to the base and has soft oval shaped bristles. A little container of Theramed mint gel toothpaste is also inside and it tastes delicious! It’s a fantastic alternative to the paste toothpastes commonly seen in amenity kits. Missing, in my opinion, are mints and mouthwash. Again not knowing what’s included in the lavatories, I’m giving this category just a slight nudge for impressing me with what it did contain. Score: 5

Comfort Items: The typical combo of socks & eyeshades are wrapped in an paper tag, with a shoehorn and earplugs rounding out the lot. I like the little container for the soft earplugs (which were sealed in plastic) and the eyeshades fit snugly and are soft. While acceptable for single use, the socks had many loose strands of thread and frayed openings. Still, though, I’m scoring this category a bit higher for the added “bonus†of a shoehorn and earplug container. Score: 5

Intangibles: All of the contents follow a unique color scheme, and the branding is effective and subtle. For a Business Class kit, the volume of amenities included gives a feeling of significance and thoughtfulness to the items needed for a long-haul flight. Job well done, Air Berlin! Score: 6

Total score & comments:

a yellow and black rectangular sign with numbersHighlights for me from this kit were the bag itself, full sized toothbrush & case and the earplug container. It also included stickers you could attach to your seat letting flight attendants know if you prefer to be woken for duty free sales and meals. A pen would have been welcomed, along with the previously mentioned mouthwash and/or mints, but I was otherwise impressed with this kit from an airline with a limited network of long-haul flying.Without knowing what additional amenities are included in the lavs, a score of 5.0 is well deserved.


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