Amenity Kit Review: Asiana Airlines First Class (November 2011)

Having just finished the final installment of my Asiana Airlines trip report, here is the next edition of my series on Amenity Kit Reviews featuring Asiana’s First Class offering. For a better description of each category and the 7-point scale for scoring, please review my introductory post here.

a group of cosmetics and a baga close-up of a pink pajamasa pair of slippers on a blue bagBag/Container: Asiana provides a cream-colored leather zipper bag of amenities to each First Class passenger, along with pajamas in a silk-like zipper bag and slippers in a drawstring nylon pouch. The inside of the kit is lined with similarly colored nylon with a small side elastic pouch. The bag isn’t brand named and has a leather tag sewn into the front with the Asiana Airlines name and logo. Reusability is high as the bag expands generously and will accommodate a decent supply of small items. Score: 6

Skin Care: This kit features Italian Bvlgari skin care products and includes nourishing hand cream, face lotion, body lotion, after shave emulsion, lip balm and eau de cologne. Both the face and hand lotions are totally scentless and cleanly & quickly absorb, while the after shave and body lotions have unnamed fragrances that are different, but clean and light. The lip balm is effective and I detected a slight taste of honey. I’m wary of colognes, but this one is incredibly light in scent – almost nonexistent. The enclosed product information card notes it is “characterized by the unique note of tea.†If these items weren’t already enough, the lavatories included even more lotions, creams and facial mist. More than you could need was available, so this category gets the highest mark. Score: 7

Oral Care: Inside the kit, a small tube of Colegate toothpaste was found along with a soft-bristled toothbrush that when attaching the casing to the brush, formed a full-sized toothbrush. The lavatories included full-sized toothbrush & generic ‘Asiana’ paste kits, as well. What was a bit shocking to me here was the lack of mouthwash (or even mints) in the kit and lavatory, something I’d expect in international First Class. As such, I’m dropping the score a notch from the middle ground of adequate. Score: 3

Comfort Items: Asiana supplies eyeshades and earplugs separate from the actual kit and they’re delivered to you before pushback. The eyeshades are incredibly soft and feature a Velcro band to ensure a comfortable fit, and the earplugs are also very soft, similar to the Ear® brand, and fit perfectly. Keeping with the soft theme, the pajamas, although not brand named, are 100% cotton, without defect and very comfortable. The kit also includes a Bvlgari moist refreshing towel with the same light tea scent as the cologne. If I had hair, combs were available inside the lavs. The slippers were also comfortable and a step-up in design and fabric from what’s offered to Business Class. Exceptional items deserve the exceptional score. Score: 7

Intangibles: I was amazed at the amount of products, especially skin care, this kit provided, as well as what was found in the lavatories. The luxurious leather kit combined with incredibly soft pajamas in a silk-like (brushed cotton?) zipper bag really made an impression on me. Asiana’s branding on the bag and pajamas (“fly asianaâ€) is subtle and welcoming. Very well done. Score: 7

Total score & comments:

a yellow and black rectangular sign with numbersI was very impressed with everything except oral care and hope Asiana will take note of the mouthwash issue. Full-sized pens were distributed with the immigration and customs documents and even though I always carry multiple pens, I’m happy to have added another airline brand to my collection. Bvlgari is a well-respected and high-end brand deserving of such a partnership with this service-oriented airline. Job well done, Asiana. Overall Score: 5.85



  1. I always wondered if you could take the amenity kits with you? Do they allow you to take case and all? I assume when they issue bose noise cancelling headphones you don’t get to keep those? With the few grand you normal pay for first class, one would think so, but for some reason I doubt it.

    • As a passenger in a premium cabin, they are yours to take (container and all). You’re correct, the headphones are the property of the airline, however.

  2. Nice review. I think you rated the container on the high side, though. One of the things I look for is the unisex-ness and likelihood I would reuse it, and the OZ one scores a little lower in my book.

  3. I saw some Delta kits on eBay, but they are barely different. The kits still have Korres products (but there now is a towlette), and a different bag. I heard rumors that they had to remove the kits because they were in a episode of Jersey Shore;)

  4. You rated the skincare only 7 points ? I would give at least 8 or 9 ! lol. The reason I wouldn’t give a 10 is because the previous kit used to have a larger size spray on cologne instead of that tiny pour on bottle. (the previous kit was more “male looking” bag with Bvlgari BLV pour homme.

    The face and hand lotion of this kit are not scentless, they do have a very light scent. It is because this is the Bvlgari Au the Blanc line (aka white tea) All the tea line from Bvlgari are unisex, white, green, red (EK), though they still carry a flowery scent, don’t think most men would care about that thoug.

    @ JAR – OZ used to made both male and female kit in F, but was deemed too costly, and swtich to just one version. However I do agree the current kit looks like a female kit instead of unisex.

  5. @Darren: I just ordered the new Delta kit off of eBay for my upcoming 8 hour drive to Atlanta (yes, my friend is driving:)).

  6. I have so much Asiana stuff leftover from a few mistake runs in F I did years ago… the tea-scented Bulgari products are very nice indeed.

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