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Asiana Airlines Trip Report: OZ202 Seoul-Incheon to Los Angeles

I left Asiana’s lounge about an hour and a half before boarding to check out the shops and ensure I’d see the inbound aircraft arrive. Incheon Airport is really quite beautiful – it’s absolutely spotless and architecturally pleasing to the eye. After Singapore’s Changi, Incheon is now my second favorite airport in Asia of those I’ve visited.

a group of people walking in a malla large light fixtureAfter some window shopping, I made my way to gate 41 and scouted out a good window seat in a far corner to watch my 747 arrive.

a man walking in an airportpeople sitting in a terminalMy video trip report – eventually appearing below – includes shots of the arrival and here are a couple of pics directly after brakes were set and cholks were positioned. Notice all the aircraft type markers on the tarmac. I don’t think they see too many DC-10s or 747SPs anymore.

a large airplane on the tarmaca close-up of a planeBoarding was highly organized as expected and again, the agents I interacted with spoke excellent English.

a close up of a ticketI was greeted pleasantly and shown the way to seat 21K across the aisle on the lower deck. There are only three rows in Business downstairs on Asiana’s 747s with fewer seats than upstairs, so figured it was a good spot with more personalized service. My best views came from windows five and six when you count from the beginning of Business Class.

a tray on a table in an airplaneclose-up of a plane with windowsBoarding continued, my jacket was hung and I was offered my choice of water, orange juice or champagne. The amenity kit and slippers were already placed in the seatback pocket. I’ll fully review the amenity kit for a future installment of Amenity Kit Reviews.

a screen on an airplanea row of seats in an airplaneAsiana presently offers angled lie-flat seats in Business Class and while not as good as true lie-flat, I found the seat very comfortable and was able to sleep just fine. Here’s the seat control unit, entertainment remote and right-armrest adjustment button.

a close up of a seata seat with a power buttonWhat I was amazed by was the amount of space between the window and seat. There was as much room here as what the upper deck normally affords – large enough for my bulky computer back during the flight to keep my underseat space free for full legrest recline.

a plane is empty with seatsWe pushed back ontime and again I noticed how Asiana’s attendants take great care in ensuring all overheads are latched securely as well as bow at the beginning of the safety video. Ground crews at all locations also wave to the passengers as the plane begins to taxi… another nice touch.

After takeoff, the wine list and menu were distributed with orders taken shortly afterwards.

a list of wine lista menu of food on a white backgrounda menu of a restaurantI went with the Western option for dinner and selected the grilled chicken breast with vegetables and basil pesto. To begin was prosciutto with tomato on an iceberg leaf with a Parmesan bread stick. (Sorry about the bad lighting).

a plate of food on a tablea plate of food on a tableNext up was avocado rolled salmon with horseradish sour cream.

a plate of food on a tableCream of cauliflower soup was served next and while I’m not a fan of whole cauliflower, this was pretty tasty (with added salt & pepper).

a bowl of soup on a plateMy main course of grilled chicken with veggies arrived and the chicken was surprisingly moist. I usually find airline chicken to be dry and mostly tasteless without any sauce.

a plate of food on a tableThen it was on to fruit & cheese, followed by a delicious cheese mouse cake and a petit four, or as I call it, a nice piece of chocolate.

a plate of cheese and grapesa dessert in a bowla chocolate candy in a wrapperCoffee and tea were offered with dessert, but I was fully looking forward to a nice sleep, so asked for a bottle of water. Before reclining back I took a trip to the lav and found the now common to me amenities of combs, toothbrush & paste sets, lotion, facial spritz and eau de toilette.

a group of bathroom items in a metal basketI woke up about 3.5 hours out of Los Angeles, so missed the mid-flight snack options that included sandwiches, fruit, ramen, warm noodles, a Korean laver rice roll and chips. After freshening up a bit in the lav, I returned and watched some of Asiana’s excellent on-demand entertainment.

Breakfast time approached and I have to say, this is the most unique breakfast menu I’ve encountered so far flying.

a menu of a restaurantTo begin was yogurt and fresh fruit with a choice of bread.

a plate of fruit on a tableI ended up going with the risotto that came with a spear of asparagus and sundried tomatoes. It was good, but my Western taste would have preferred eggs of some kind.

a plate of food on a tableWe approached Los Angeles a touch early and landed to the West. As we turned the corner into the gate complex, I snapped a shot of a Korean Air A380.

an aerial view of a citya window with a plane winga large airplane parked at an airportIt was a fantastic flight and service was top-notch. Every single time a flight attendant came through the curtain from First Class, they had a smile on their face. My interactions with them at my seat were also incredibly pleasant and always with a smile and little bow. It’s such a joy to fly non-U.S. carriers internationally.

When disembarking I noticed only one passenger coming from First Class, making me cringe that they didn’t open up an award seat. Oh well, Business Class was very enjoyable and I look forward to flying Asiana again.

Here the video trip report related to this flight. I was able to get some incredible shots of Incheon Airport after takeoff and gorgeous views of Los Angeles on arrival.



  1. Nice to know there are other people like me who take pictures of random planes they like while landing. I took a photo on my iphone of the Korean A380 at JFK.

    • @Mike: I know some think it’s gross, but I’d be curious about the lavs on some of these birds if I haven’t yet flown them. 🙂 I’d take a movie of the A380 lav!

  2. Thanks for your report. If you could choose, would you opt for Asiana nonstop ICN to ORD in a 777 in Business or UA on a 777 via NRT 2.5 hour layover also in Business.

    Using miles so cost is roughly the same.

    I have never flown Asiana and have flown UA business a number of times.

    I understand Asiana will not have the 180 degree seats. The Asiana departs at 11 AM so sleeping may not be as big an issue. UA departs around 2 PM and arrives at ORD at 4PM vs 10 AM.

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