Amenity Kit Review: Austrian Airlines Business Class

A special thanks goes out to reader Jason for donating a current-generation Austrian Airlines Business Class kit for this installment of Amenity Kit Reviews. For a better description of each category and the 7-point scale for scoring, please review my introductory post.

a close-up of a travel kit

Austrian Airlines Business Class Amenity Kit

Bag/Container: The charcoal gray case appears to be made out of hemp (or is it simply felt?) and is accented by red sides and a felt closure ribbon. Manufactured by popular amenity provider FORMIA, it includes a tag bearing the Austrian logo on one edge and opens to reveal a single compartment along with one of eight motifs evoking early 20th Century Austrian moments (click here for the others). It’s a nifty collectible and adds a unique element to otherwise mundane kits, though reusability is low, in my opinion. Score: 5

a grey and red felt pouch

Austrian Airlines Business Class Amenity Case

Skin Care: Austrian appropriately partnered with home country skin care provider Alpienne. But what’s a bit disappointing is that this kit only offers a single tube of body lotion. It’s quality stuff, however, and has an ever so light, fresh scent. Score: 3

Oral Care: Are you a soft-, medium- or hard-bristle kind of person? Well, here finally is the very first truly soft-bristled toothbrush I’ve ever come across in an amenity kit (thank you!). And it’s a full-size toothbrush to boot. I struggled like hell to get the security seal off the top of the Forhans toothpaste tube, but eventually did to discover another plus… mint-flavored paste. And the kit includes a packet of Smints for extra refreshment. Score: 5

Comfort Items: Your standard airline-issue socks and dual elastic band (one size fits all) eyemask are included, along with a red plastic shoehorn and pair of 3M earplugs. Standard fare, but perfectly adequate. Score: 4

Intangibles: The kit and contents are light as a feather and you almost wonder if there’s anything inside when picking it up. The amenities are all fine, but do little to emit a sense of exclusivity. Saving this category from falling below adequate is the collectible aspect of the case. Oh, as did the little piece of Milka chocolate. Score: 4

Total score & comments:

a yellow and blue rectangular box with numbersMany European airlines aren’t known for super-luxe amenity kits and this kit is no exception. As such, a score of 4.15 seems perfectly appropriate.

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  1. I always appreciate your reviews, but I don’t get the scoring on these reviews sometimes…

    “… a bit disappointing is that this kit only offers a single tube of body lotion. It’s quality stuff, however, and has an ever so light, fresh scent.” – and it’s scored below adequate, because there isn’t a lot of it? I’d have figured it’s adequate if the quality is good, even if they don’t include a lip balm.

    • @Andre: Thanks… I decided on the 3 given this kit only had one tube of lotion. Yeah, it’s good stuff, but I wouldn’t be doing other kits I ranked a 4 justice that had additional amenities.

  2. Through my friend at OS. You will see a new bag in May post full renewal seats etc. Lovely to see improvements by OS from airport at VIE lounge to seats to smiles.

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