Notable Airline, Hotel and Travel Industry News: February 11, 2013

  • At the risk of beating a dead horse, have you heard an announcement is likely this week regarding a possible American-US Airways merger? Board meetings scheduled for today were pushed to Wednesday.
  • Delta Air Lines today announced a new expansion of Terminal 4’s Concourse B at JFK that will add 11 more gates. The new project is in addition to the previously announced $1.2 billion redevelopment at Terminal 4 set to open in May.
  • JetBlue celebrated its 13th Birthday today. JetBlue inaugurated service between New York’s JFK and Fort Lauderdale with two daily nonstop flights on February 11, 2000. Oddly, there’s no press release for this year’s milestone. But they do have mention of it on their landing page.
  • There’s a report surfacing today that an off-duty British Airways crew was in a “drunken rampage”on a Heathrow to Washington D.C. flight last month. According to the article, “Stewards and stewardesses were seen downing bottles of champagne and red wine in front of stunned onlookers in First and Club premium cabins.” British Airways is investigating.
  • United Airlines has been fined $130,000 for failing to notify passengers on a Chicago to Tokyo flight they could deplane after repeated mechanical delays. The tarmac rule states an airline must advise passengers of their right to deplane if a plane is delayed at the gate. The aircraft, however, did push at least once from the gate, according to the article.
  • Las Vegas drew 39.7 million visitors in 2012, beating a record set in 2007 by a half-million travelers. Viva Las Vegas!
  • Starwood Hotels now has a Luxury Collection property in Poland. Hotel Bristol in Warsaw officially re-opened today after a multi-million dollar renovation.

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  1. Well if UA is paying $130K total, that is only $300-$500 per passenger (compared to maximum of $27,500). And it wouldn’t surprise me if they get it reduced being that it is what seems to happen with basically every fine.

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