Amenity Kit Review: Iberia Business Plus

I mentioned in my last review that I’m running a bit light on current-generation amenity kits – donations are accepted 😉 – so I dug deep into my bins and found this Iberia business class offering from 2007. For a better description of each Amenity Kit Review category and the 7-point scale for scoring, please review my introductory post.

a close-up of a travel kit

Iberia Business Plus amenity kit

Bag/Container: The colorful (I’ll call it Fiesta orange) and textured zipper bag holds its shape well due to sturdy cardboard padding on the top and base of the kit. A metal tag bearing the Iberia and Business Plus logos is affixed to the lower-right quadrant of the top flap, and it opens to reveal a roomy single compartment. There’s a plastic sleeve on the underside of the opening, though it’s only big enough to hold the relatively flat facial cleansing cloth and product information card. Reusability is high unless you’re put-off by the color.  Score: 5

Skin Care: Iberia partnered with iblue, a company I’ve never heard of nor can I find on Google, to supply the kit’s skin care items. Perhaps Apple bought them out for an upcoming iBlue launch. Anyway, I’m impressed with elaborateness of a pump bottle for the aloe vera moisturizer and spritz bottle of eau de toilette, each pleasantly fragranced in a unisex kind of way. And the lip balm glides on smoothly, though I couldn’t detect a flavor. A facial cleansing cloth is also included in the kit and it was surprisingly still moist and citrusy-refreshing these six years later.  Score: 6

Oral Care: The medium-bristled toothbrush folds out of its holding case, which doubles a handle extension, and the kit includes a small tube of deliciously minty Foramen toothpaste. Or maybe it went super minty since the toothpaste “expired†in 2011. I haven’t gotten sick, anyway, as of the time this post went live. But since there aren’t any mints or mouthwash, this category is simply adequate. Score: 4

a brown bag with string

Iberia shoe bag amenity

Comfort Items: Your standard airline-issue socks and eyemasks are included, but cleverly wrapped with an elastic hair cord, perfect for use to pull back my long, flowing locks into a pony tail. And Iberia included a folding brush/comb combo to assist with my effort. Also included are a plastic shoehorn and soft earplugs, which I don’t believe were meant to be white and yellow. I guess that’s what happens to them sitting in my bin for years. Finally, Iberia added a drawstring shoe bag to round out this rather impressive category. Score: 5.5

Intangibles: For a business class kit, I think it’s a pretty substantial offering and a notch above some of the other international carriers. If you read my reviews, you know I’m a fan of branding, and I’m pleased Iberia spent the extra pennies-per-unit to include their logo on the shoehorn, toothbrush and shoe bag. Overall, it’s an impressive, semi-luxurious kit. Score: 5

Total score & comments:

a yellow and blue rectangular box with numbers

Iberia Business Plus Amenity Kit Score

Iberia earns a well-deserved score of 5.13 for this solid business class offering. I’m not a fan of the orange, though I suppose it matches their livery. Are their seats orange?

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