Notable Airline, Hotel and Travel Industry News: January 14, 2013

I plan to bring back this once-regular post here on Frequently Flying as I’m sure I’m not the only one who enjoys a quick snippet of notable airline, hotel and travel industry news of the day. It’ll be back as often as possible pending work, travel and other distractions. As advance notice, I’ll be flying 22,000 miles over the course of six days next week without Wi-Fi, so posting might be light. 😮

  • United Airlines and American Airlines have been accused of running sham operations in a rural Illinois city where satellite offices for each airline “process” jet fuel purchases for use at O’Hare and other Midwest locations. Doing so there saves the airlines millions of dollars by skirting Chicago’s hefty taxes. I blogged about this in 2011 and a lawsuit has now been apparently filed.
  • Hilton Hotels launched a spoofy Vacation Care Center website where users can diagnose their vacation needs based on workplace and other stressors. It’s a fun concept, but I think they fail by adding in a section that requires you to enter your name, address and email to get your “prescription.” Why not just make it a fun quiz-like thing with an immediate Rx without requiring personal information? Yeah, I know why. Sigh.
  • New rental car service Silvercar offers only Audi A4s for renters at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. It’s a niche concept with techy features some travelers may like.
  • The Australian Open began (I’m a huge tennis fan) and you can now book Venus Williams-designed suites at the InterContinental Hotel Miami. The two presidential suites her V Starr firm were involved with are a part of the property’s $30 million renovation.
  • A new Star Alliance lounge at Buenos Aires airport opened. The 24-hour location offers the usual amenities (for an international lounge), including hot and cold snacks, Wi-Fi and shower facilities.
  • The first of American’s 42 Boeing 787s are now slated for delivery in November 2014, having been moved up through an accelerated delivery schedule agreed upon by American and Boeing.


  1. so what is wrong with UA and AA trying to save some taxes in chicago in the end it should just help the travelers bottom line vs the government coffers(who usually just waste our tax$$$)esp in one of the more broke cities -chicago that has very high taxes on its citizens along with the Illinois higher sales/state income tax ETC<<<<???
    they did have others outlying offices where they had to pay some business(35% in the US) taxes state and local so they probably did not ssve that much..this is why u have to take a bus to get to the rental car area in citiis with lots of taxes and airport XXXtaxes

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