Amenity Kit Review: Qatar Airways Children’s Activity Backpack

Here’s a unique one for this installment of Amenity Kit Reviews. Qatar Airways provides activity packs – the style varies by length of flight – to children traveling in any cabin, and this one is pretty spectacular. A very special thanks goes out to Seth over at The Wandering Aramean for sending this one to me for my collection.

SpongeBob backpack amenity

SpongeBob backpack amenity

The outer case is a SpongeBob SquarePants backpack with a Qatar Airways logo tag sewn into the side. Zipping it open reveals a bounty of goodies.

SpongeBob amenity items

SpongeBob amenity items

I love the little SpongeBob “captain” doll complete with the requisite uniform, stripes and cap. The “Road Trip!” activity book contains 37 pages of puzzles, mazes, word searches and more.  A little box of different colored pencils is included along with a circular SpongeBob pencil sharpener.

Additional items include postcards, pop-out finger puppets, a sticker folio with activity scene, and a separate small page of stickers. I have to wonder if the cabin cleaning crews find stickers all over the seats, tray tables, etc.

Amenity kit provider Buzz Products supplies Qatar with the various activity packs, and a different SpongeBob case won the TravelPlus Amenity Bag Award last year in the Children’s (over 6) category.

Qatar’s in-flight entertainment is pretty top-notch from what I hear, but this fantastic amenity for kids is likely a blessing for parents to keep their kiddos occupied and happy on long-haul flights.

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