Thanksgiving Dilemma: To Fly or Not to Fly

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates the holiday! I had a lovely turkey brunch with my parents earlier today before heading out to the airport for a trip I’ve been rather uncertain in taking. Strange considering this is the Frequently Flying blog, right?

Well, there are of course occasions where you absolutely have to cancel a trip (and I’ve had plenty of those in the past), but my trip today has been questionable in my mind for more than a week now for slightly different reasons.

Not wanting to disclose them here (TMI overload and completely unrelated to this blog), let’s just say that they’re partially personal and partially ongoing health-related issues that have had me rather exhausted, distracted and weak for quite some time. You may have noticed a lapse in blog posts not long ago.

This week has improved, and while I’m still lacking energy and some strength, I found myself pretty much for the first time wanting to just stay home and get fully back to 100% without the “stress†of travel, though travel really isn’t stressful for me.

But this is a pretty big trip – to Sydney – to visit a friend who I know I’ll just be able to relax with and enjoy her company. I’ve been to Australia more than a dozen times and I’ve seen all the sights, so it’s not a “waste†for me to not see or do much in the tourist realm. (A nice harbour cruise might be in order, though, on a sunny and warm day.)

And so, I packed my bags and took flight. Oddly, now that I’m at San Francisco Airport on a (rather long) layover, I feel pretty energized and excited. Perhaps this trip is just what I needed. We’ll see… it’s still pretty early.

a group of airplanes at an airport

Current view from the IT United Club

Anyway, file this post under rambling personal commentary and not your normal reading on Frequently Flying. It’s just something I wanted to share and also ask:

Have any of you been in a similar position? For whatever your reasons, have you wanted to skip a trip you were originally excited to take?

With that, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving evening and rest of your weekend.

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  1. Glad you’ve decided to go. I’ve had the “dilemma” myself on some trips in the past, and I always return from them thinking how glad I was that I went.

    Enjoy Australia!

  2. Enjoy the trip Darren. I’m sure you’ll recharge the batteries out there. Take the harbor cruise, I did when I was last there. I opted for the buffet on the lower deck. Dozens of tourists on the upper deck. Myself and 20 Buddhist monks on the lower deck! A trip I’ll never forget. Happy Travels.

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