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Singapore Airlines remains as one of the few truly premier airlines of the world that doesn’t offer amenity kits to business class passengers. Instead, individual amenities are provided by flight attendants from a basket (or found in the lavatories).

In first class, however, they do provide an actual kit of sorts and I bring you my analysis for this installment of Amenity Kit Reviews. For a better description of each category and the 7-point scale for scoring, please review my introductory post.

a blue bag on a carpet

Singapore Airlines first class amenity bag

A very special thanks goes out to Brad who authors the Regional First blog over at for donating this kit to my collection. Check out his Singapore Airlines first class trip report by clicking here.

a group of small white bottles next to a small black bag

Singapore Airlines Sothys products

Bag/Container: The battleship gray zipper bag includes the Singapore Airlines logo on the lower right, and particularly highlights deluxe skin care provider Sothys at top. It’s a sturdy padded bag sporting a leather handle and separate small zippered pouch in front, and opens to reveal a single interior compartment with two mesh pockets along the back edge. Reusability isn’t too likely as its overall size doesn’t impress. And I’d rank it more in line with a business class bag, not what I’d expect for first class. As such, I’m knocking the score down from “adequate†for my disappointment. (Also, it truly is gray… the colors on my pics make it appear navy blue at times) Score: 3.5 out of 7

a close up of a zipper

Interior of kit

Skin Care: The kit contains Sothys skin care products delicately wrapped in white tissue paper, featuring hydra-nourishing body lotion, softening emulsion for the face and neck, light hydrating cream (also for the face and neck) and intense lip care. The products are unisex and therefore aren’t overly laden with perfumes or scents, though each is pleasantly fresh (I’d say more feminine than masculine in essence). Additional items in the first class lavs include Salvatore Ferragamo lotions and fragrance, as well as shaving razors. Everything you could need and more is available, and the size of the high-quality Sothys products impresses. Score: 7 out of 7

Oral Care: As is the case with business class, toothbrush and toothpaste packets are found in the lavs containing your typical plastic brush with cover and a tiny tube of either Colgate or no-name paste. Communal mouthwash (large pump bottle) is also available. Nothing stellar here – very ordinary, yet adequate. Score: 4 out of 7

a pair of slippers and socks

Slippers, socks and eyeshades

Comfort Items: First class passengers are provided with socks (the typical cheapish single-use variety), though slippers in their own drawstring pouch are also handed out. The one-size-fits-all elastic band eye shades are ultra soft – and I mean ultra soft – so they’re a step up from the norm. Hairbrushes and combs are available in the lavatories. Where Singapore Air truly shines here is by providing Givenchy cotton pajamas. They’re a bit heavy, but very nice indeed. I love the “Silver Kris†bird on the zipper. Score: 7 out of 7

a black bag with black text on it

Givenchy sleep suit

a folded black shirt with a zipper

Check out the zipper

Intangibles: “Ultimate first class luxury†doesn’t come to mind with the kit itself, but the separately provided elements sort of make up for that. Still, you won’t find this kit winning any awards or being top-of-mind when considering the world’s best airline amenity kits. Score: 5.5 out of 7

Total score & comments:

a yellow and blue rectangular box with black text

While the bag itself is a disappointment, Singapore Airlines does pamper first class passengers with quality skin care products and luxurious comfort items. I believe the final score of 5.58 is a fair assessment for the complete package.

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  1. Skin care 7/7 (not that I will ever use it), oral care 3/7, bag 2/7, sleepwear is a 7 for sure. Overall, I was extremely disappointed in amenity kit itself, worst of my RTW trip for sure.

  2. There is no amenity basket for SQ C, as all they have are eyeshades and earplugs unlike NH C’s amenity basket have 10+ different items. SQ’s F, C, and Y lavatories are basically stocked with the exact same items, shaving kits, toothbrush/paste sets, and combs. Fragrance spray and lotion are in larger bottles. Odd enough there is actually a kit for Y pax, it is a Givenchy brown zipper bag contain socks, eyeshades, and toothbrush/set.

    • @ORDnHKG: The FAs brought a wicker basket down the aisle with the eyeshades, which is why I said “basket,” but yes… definitely not like ANA’s multitude of items. 😉

  3. I found the Sothys amenity kit quite disappointing too. I was quite partial to the Salvatore Ferragamo kits before these but my absolute favourite, remains the Bulgari kits they gave out before that.

  4. They do give out heavily watered-down amenity kits in Economy Class on overnight flights – on SQ803 from PEK to SIN (0120-ish to 0800-ish), I was given a Givenchy kit with a sock-like towel and a dental kit.

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