Video Reveals Likely New JetBlue Business Class, Mini-Suite Premium Cabin

JetBlue appears to have released a video showing its new premium cabin that will grace the airline’s forthcoming Airbus A321 aircraft on transcontinental routes.

While its authenticity hasn’t been verified, it’s likely what will be announced tomorrow at the Global Business Travel Association conference in San Diego.

The video first takes you through the coach cabin showing both regular economy and the Even More Space section. It then heads up front to reveal what appears to be a 16-seat cabin with a 2-2 configuration in rows 1, 3 and 5, and solo mini-suites (complete with privacy doors) on both sides of the aisle in rows 2 and 4.

This layout is identical to what was reported in June, when Airbus made a filing to the FAA on JetBlue’s behalf proposing a layout of 16 business class seats, including four single seat “mini-suites.â€

a row of seats in an airplane

JetBlue’s new premium cabin?

a seat in a plane

Row 2 mini-suite

a close up of a machine

Seat controls and IFE

The seats appear to be of the angled-flat variety: [Edited to add: Wandering Aramean in the comments below says they’re fully flat]

a seat in a plane

Angled-flat seating?

I’m sure we’ll get confirmation tomorrow, but in the meantime here’s the video:

(Hat tip: NYC Aviation via @AirlineFlyer last night on Twitter)

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  1. If this is actually it, it looks really nice. That being said, angled lie flat seating (possibly) is a mistake.

    We’ll find out tomorrow!

  2. If this is their standard domestic J (i.e. F) product then angled flat would be better than most domestic planes out there IMO (except for those trans-con routes).

    Nice touch with the privacy doors … almost reminds me of SQ’s suites.

  3. The J looks soooo much like the Swiss / Austrian new J seat design

    Instead of wasting it was 2-1-2-1 per side alternating, JetBlue is smart to attempt to charge a premium for the seats or save them for Mosaic status

  4. They are all flat up front, not angled. What you’re looking at is a rendering, not the actual seats, and it isn’t perfect. The actual announcement is coming tomorrow at GBTA and will include an unveiling of the seats showing that they are truly flat. All the seats in business class will have the same pitch.

    There will only be 11 planes with the premium product and they will only serve JFK-SFO/LAX. All other A321s will be economy only nose-to-tail.

    Despite the fact that JetBlue released this video a couple days early the rest of the details are still embargoed. I can’t really release more until Monday.

  5. Looks like it’s the same seat they just installed on Austrian Airlines business class, which is full flat. Also, the rows are alternating 2-2 and 1-1 (1-1 has the mini suite door), with a total of 5 rows adding up to 16 seats.

  6. Thanks to the video showing up earlier than expected the embargo on the story has been lifted.

    The new seat map is now available and the seats will be unveiled at GBTA tomorrow afternoon in San Diego.

    The new seats are based on the Thomson Aero Vantage Suite. It is a slightly modified version of the seat used by SN, LX and others. They are fully flat, not angled.

    More details available here:

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