American offering fast track to Executive Platinum renewal (targeted)

Oh, American Airlines. Why must you continue to offer promotions that make switching from United almost effortless? I received the following email today from AAdvantage providing the opportunity to extend my matched United 1K- to-Executive Platinum status through February 28, 2014:

a close-up of a websiteIt is targeted and explicitly states it’s for members who receive the email directly, which I guess is obvious given the pre-enrollment comment and no registration page exists otherwise.

So… 55,000 elite qualifying miles before December 31, 2012. I’m pretty sure I can knock that out in the fall when fares come down a bit. I was really excited about it and thought about taking some mileage runs this month while the LAX-ORD/DFW DEQM is still valid, but came across this restriction in the footer: “Bonus elite qualifying miles earned through special promotions are excluded.†Grr. Oh well, top-tier status for basically half the miles is a pretty darn good deal.

Anyone else get this?


  1. It’s American. Enough said.
    And AA matched by Premier Gold status, the card looks fine, but the only way I will fly them is if it’s on miles.

  2. I got the email also, already have UA 1k through 2/2014 so I plan on doing this. Makes using the miles at last minute much easier, especial last minute cancellations.

  3. Would love to get this one. Did the recent match to Exec Plat but since there is no way I can fly 100K AA by the end of the year it’s pretty useless since I’ve already invested so much in United. Everyone seems to be big AA fans these days.

  4. I’m happy to see AA working so hard to earn new business.

    I’m sure that UA is aware that AA is aggressively courting their best customers…have they responded at all with bonus offers or retention promotions?

    • @AAdvantage Geek: Not so much as a peep out of United with bonus offers, really. I’d love a DEQM promo, but I doubt it’ll happen.

  5. Very smart move on AA’s part. UAs GS/1K’s are not happy and this move further targets UAs top earners. From what I’ve read online and heard from my friends/colleagues, it is converting for some, or at the very least, very appealing!

    They have converted me (after never flying a different airline besides CO/UA for my entire life)!

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