Vintage Airline Seat Map: United Airlines Boeing 727-200 (1979)

United Airlines had a few variations of the Boeing 727-200 flying the skies in 1979 and I’ve selected the -222A configuration for this installment of Vintage Airline Seat Maps.

Seating a total of 132 passengers, there were 14 seats in first class with 38†pitch and 118 in coach at 34†pitch (ah… those were the days of “economy plus†throughout coach). It’s interesting to note they had a flight attendant jumpseat at 15D in the overwing exit row. The later versions I flew in the 1980s didn’t have this location.

I’d sit faaaar away from the smoking section in first class and probably go for 2A or 3D. In coach, I’d definitely be in a window near the leading edge of the wing.

Where would you sit?

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  1. I flew this plane many times, in my early years of flying United. I liked it as it had so many First Class seats that upgrades were easy. However, it was noisy and cold!

  2. I flew a slight variation of this bird out of Iowa countless times DSM-ORD DSM-DIA mine had no row (25 above) aside the rear door and Row 26 had unlimited leg room because of it loved 26C Chatted with the FA as they pounded ice and even received one of the old pewter ice hammers

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