Asiana Airlines Trip Report: OZ 201 Los Angeles to Seoul-Incheon

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Asiana Airlines Trip Report: OZ 201 Los Angeles to Seoul-Incheon

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I left the Star Alliance First Class lounge a little more than an hour from the scheduled departure time of 1:40pm. Stretching my legs and walking around a bit was refreshing given how long I spent in the lounge and I was curious to see what the gate area looked like. The lounge agent said they’d make an announcement if they were unable to fix the entertainment system and would provide compensation there at the gate. Also, given the delay, they provided me with a $20 refreshment coupon that I never ended up using… the offerings in the First Class lounge were enough to tide me over.

a close-up of a ticketa close up of a receiptI noticed a full gate area, but proceeded past gate 121 to get a few pictures of my “Queen of the Skies,†a Boeing 747-400.

a colorful tail of an airplanea plane at an airporta large white airplane at an airporta close-up of a planeThat zoomed in picture of the First Class section was important to me. My useful windows ended up being numbers five, six and seven when starting from the front. My TV monitor blocks the view from window four and window eight is blocked by the monitor behind me in row three.

No mention of the entertainment system was made until boarding began and then it was something to the effect of, “We’re terribly sorry, but the entertainment system has malfunctioned and you will receive compensation when you land in Seoul. We apologize for the inconvenience.†I was told at check-in that First Class passengers would receive $200 in Asiana credits, so I looked forward to those in Seoul.

a blue sign with white textBoarding was underway and I was probably the fifth or sixth person in line on the First/Business side. I was quickly scanned and on my way to the aircraft door. Upon approaching, the flight attendant asked for my seat assignment to which I replied, “2K,’ while showing her my boarding pass stub. “Oh, Mr. Booth… right this way, please.†Loved the name recognition, and she never got a good look at my boarding stub.

I was shown to my seat and noticed another passenger was already seated in 4K. He wasn’t in the line to board and I eventually surmised he was an off-duty employee (more on that later). The flight attendant stood by while I arranged my carry-ons and once I took my coat off, she offered to hang it. Then she went away for a while. I settled into seat 2K and started browsing through the Asiana magazines and other items.

a seat in a planea computer screen on a seata seat in an airplaneWithin moments, another flight attendant approached with my amenity kit, pajamas and slippers on a tray and delivered them to me. She selected XL PJs and I asked for medium given I’m such a skinny guy. As it turns out, I should’ve asked for large as the mediums ended up being a bit short on me, but they were fine so I didn’t say anything. (Side note: My Cathay Pacific mediums are a perfect fit.)

a close-up of a baga pillow with a name on ita black bag on a tableBoarding continued and only one other First Class passenger arrived. He was seated in 1A, by far the most spacious and desired row on the airplane. The flight attendants were particularly accommodating of him, so he was likely a Korean VIP. He had one of those VIP rooms in the lounge, I noticed too. So… it ended up being the three of us in First. One (probable) revenue in 1A, me on mileage in 2K and an employee in 4K. Very spacious.

In a bit, I was asked what I’d like as a pre-departure beverage. She preceded the question by mentioning they can’t serve alcohol on the ground at LAX (why?), but I was more than fine with that and asked for a Coke. Shortly, I had my drink and some nuts.

a glass of liquid and a bowl of nutsBoarding completed and I settled in for the flight. The First Class blanket is heavy and wonderful and I noticed the F/As didn’t say anything about me putting my shoulder bag underneath the ottoman across from my seat. The placard specifically said that was a “no-no.â€

a grey fabric with white texta sign on a wallSince there was no IFE, the safety demonstration was live and whenever they are, I tend to watch… in part just to acknowledge them since other passengers in the cabin otherwise ignore the whole thing. I wonder if F/As appreciate it or not? Anyone know? We pushed back and were on our way to the runway. I have oodles of video shots of this flight that I need to edit down, so will eventually post those here and on YouTube. Stay tuned.

After takeoff, I changed into my PJs and brought my folded clothes back to my seat. One major difference between Cathay Pacific and Asiana is that the latter doesn’t offer to hang your clothes, nor is there an individual closet to do so. I did sort of expect them to come by and offer, but it never happened. No biggie, but I think they should consider offering it as the closet at the front of their 747 cabin is HUGE!

What I did find surprising is after takeoff they didn’t come around to offer drinks. My first interaction with a F/A was to take my Lunch order and as you’ll see, it was an eight-course delight. After she took my order, I asked for a bubbly water with lemon. Hot towel service preceded the meal and then it was underway.

a close-up of a bookmark

a menu of a restaurantI was feeling adventurous and went with the Korean option of ‘Bibimbab.’ First, though, several beginning courses arrived. To start, Melon, Parma Ham and Egg with Salmon Roe:

a plate of food with a fork and a knife Then it was onto the caviar portion, complimented with garlic toast:

a plate of food on a tablea blue round container with a label on itFollowing that, poached lobster and salmon gravlax arrived:

a plate of food on a tableThen it was on to zucchini soup:

a bowl of soup with cheeseI was full by this point, but the next item appearing was my mixed green salad with garlic balsamic dressing:

a plate of salad with vegetables Ah, here finally came the main course… the Korean ‘Bibimbab’ with steamed rice, veggies, minced beef and assorted side dishes and soup. It was incredible! The flavors on that beef were just amazing:

a plate of food on a tableAfter dinner, I passed on the cheese plate, but did accept the fruit plate option:

a plate of fruit on a tableI didn’t eat that nasty looking strawberry… eww. Dessert followed shortly and I enjoyed the raspberry cake:

a dessert with raspberries in a bowl next to a forkWhen dinner was finally done, they came around with eyeshades and earplugs.

a small grey bag with a white label on itWithout the moving map, I just guessed at how long I should sleep. I got up, asked for my bed to be made and went to the lav to refresh. It’s a standard 747 lavatory… nothing expanded about it for First Class, unlike many other carriers. There were additional amenities there, though, including lotions, creams, eau de toilette, facial mist, cotton swabs, full-sized toothbrushes with paste, and combs.

a bathroom shelf with a few bottles of shampoo and other itemsI slept for a good four or five hours and when I woke, I couldn’t believe I was hungry, but I was. Asiana’s First seats are identical to United’s “old†sleeper seats in First, those currently flying on the unmodified Boeing 777s. They’re okay, but nothing special. Here’s the snack menu:

a screenshot of a refreshments menuI went with Ramen and she asked if I wanted it “Spicy or just little spicy.†I replied “just little spicy†and was served in about 10 minutes.

a bowl of ramen soup with a spoonApparently, “little spicy†is pretty bloody hot to my palate, as it was so. I really enjoyed it, though, but it was definitely “hot†by my estimation. Glad I didn’t ask for full flavor! I asked how much time was left and was shocked at the answer… four hours. Oh boy. I was still tired, so reclined back and slept for a while. Now is when I missed the entertainment feature with the moving map.

Two hours out of Seoul I re-awoke and prepped for the final meal, a “snack†according to the menu.

a menu of a restaurantI went with the beef brochette this time, but started with the shrimp and proscitto:

a plate of food on a tablea plate of food with meat and vegetablesDessert was a delicious fruit tart:

a bowl of fruit in a bowl next to a forkApproaching Seoul I was brought a gift and again on a tray like they do everything else. The purser crouched down and asked how the flight was. My reply was “fantastic,†and she continued that she was very happy to hear that. She went on… “I have a very small token of our appreciation for you flying with us today… I hope you accept our gift to you.†It was a delicious smelling scented candle and I thanked her and again mentioned how much I enjoyed the flight.

a box on a planeThroughout the flight I noticed the passenger in 4K didn’t have all of the amenities… the First blanket, no sign of an amenity kit and I heard him eat quickly during meal service and was done quite soon. He had what looked to be a business class blanket (later confirmed as such) and never did snuggle in with the same bedding as I had (or Mr. 1A). He was definitely an employee.

We soon landed in Seoul and I’ll have an incredible amount of video of that coming soon. When I looked at my phone, we touched down at 7:28pm and my connecting flight left at 7:45pm… did I make it? Stay tuned!



  1. I flew F on OZ201 back in early Sept – same seat. Wonderful flight!! I got the same gift as you as well. They used to gift a leather passport holder.

    • Ah, yes… thank you… I need to add in the drink list. Champagne was a choice of Tattinger Comtes de Champagne 2000 or Pol Roger Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill 1999.

  2. great report !!
    I also like Asiana Airlines despite
    their limited schedules…planes….
    their meals are more delicious than those of korean Air…

  3. Does anyone know about the special OZ planes that have a very luxurious business class? Earlier this year I bought a round-the-world ticket and the final leg was ICN-SFO on OZ. When I boarded, I found myself in a very nice area and I thought “Oh, OZ has upgraded business class.” However, about a month later, I took OZ from ICN to LAX and business class was just like the old version. Then I tried to book the flight from ICN to SFO on a subsequent trip and found that business class was very expensive. So this must be some specially configured business class. What is the story?


  4. @ Rich – It wasn’t the special OZ planes that have a very luxurious business class, it is their new business class call QS (Quadra Smartum) It is just the new staggered business class being refitted on many airlines now, to name a few, NH, LX, DL, etc.

    There are only 4 OZ 777 being equipped with the QS seats, all are 2 class ones. All 4 planes are supposed to fly LAX and SFO only, but they are occasionally swapped for whatever reasons.

  5. IFE malfunctioned ? Wow, that is crazy ! And all they are going to give you is $200 voucher ? I would expect $200 in cash at least for F !

    Seems like they had finally replaced the horrible Eau de Conchas with something better: Loccitane The Vert in the bathroom.

    That Ferragamo candle for the thank you gift while nice, still non-comparable to what they used to always have, Versace Rosenthal kitchenware.

    • @ORDnHKG: Kitchenware? Wow!!! As for the voucher, I really couldn’t challenge it since I was on an award, but yes, definitely might have said something had I been a full revenue passenger.

    • @KT: Thanks! Since the entertainment system was inoperative, they never distributed headsets. On the return flight, I used my own, so don’t know the answer… sorry!

  6. It may too late to make comment out here, but the words that you mentioned above ‘Apparently, “little spicy” is pretty bloody hot to my palate, as it was so. I really enjoyed it, though, but it was definitely “hot” by my estimation.’ about ramen, Korean Ramen more spicy than other ramens. (I mean, more spicy than Japanese ramen and others.)

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