Vintage Airline Seat Map: American Airlines Super 80 in 1985, aka MD-80 today

I figure with American Airlines’ announcement of bankruptcy yesterday that they are deserving of a Vintage Airline Seat Map post this week. Here is the commonly unattractive Douglas Super 80, now known as the MD-80.

It’s nearly the same as it is today, but this variation was seen flying before the “More Room Throughout Coach†initiative and has one fewer row of First Class than seen on today’s MD-80s. The current AA “type 1†variation this one resembles most currently seats 16 passengers in First Class and 120 in coach. My map below has 12 in the First cabin with 130 in coach.

One analyst predicts American will be able to shed these gas guzzlers faster while in bankruptcy protection and I hope (s)he is right. The guide from which this map came from proudly stated, “The Super 80 is long, sleek and super quiet – one of the quietest, most fuel-efficient jetliners now in service.†Definitely no longer the case!

In First Class, you’d find me in row four or five on the left-hand side (where I was several times in the 1980s) and in coach I’d definitely be sitting ahead of the wing on the two-seater side… also where I sat in the 80s.

Where would you sit?

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