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Vintage Airline Seat Map: Delta Air Lines Super 80 (MD-88) from 1987

It’s still quite the workhorse for Delta Air Lines today, and appearing below in this installment of Vintage Airline Seat Maps is the original seating layout for the airline’s “Super 80†MD-88s first delivered in 1987. Besides the amount of cabin real estate the rear galley occupied, there’s not too much to note about this…

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Vintage Airline Seat Map: Continental Airlines MD-80 (Super 80)

It’s time for another Vintage Airline Seat Map and I’ve selected a Continental Airlines MD-80 (Super 80) seen flying the skies in 1987. According to, Continental had about 42 in its fleet and the version appearing below offered 16 seats in first class and 130 in coach. Sitting up front is always fun on…

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Vintage Airline Seat Map: Northwest Airlines MD-80 (1987)

It’s time again for a little narrowbody love for this installment of Vintage Airline Seat Maps. Featured below is a Northwest Airlines MD-80 seen flying around in the late 1980s and seating a total of 143 passengers – 12 in First Class and 131 in coach. While definitely not a favorite aircraft of mine to…

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Vintage Airline Seat Map: American Airlines Super 80 in 1985, aka MD-80 today

I figure with American Airlines’ announcement of bankruptcy yesterday that they are deserving of a Vintage Airline Seat Map post this week. Here is the commonly unattractive Douglas Super 80, now known as the MD-80. It’s nearly the same as it is today, but this variation was seen flying before the “More Room Throughout Coach 

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