“Book the Cook” on Singapore Airlines

I’m very happy to soon be flying on my first Airbus A380 in Business Class with Singapore Airlines, and tonight took another look at my reservation as it shows up on their website. I’ve heard about the “Book A Cook” option that allows you to pre-select your meals, and this evening I did just that. I was very impressed by the variety of selections, actually, as you’d certainly never find such an option on U.S. carriers for such a “short” flight from New York’s JFK to Frankfurt.

JFK-FRA meal options:

a screenshot of a menu

FRA-JFK meal options:

a screenshot of a menu

Here are my choices (the brunch and light meal options were identical)… would you have picked the same?

a screenshot of a menu


  1. Speaking from experience the beef is excellent. Have not tried the other options as my routing was LAX to SIN & the menu options tended to be more Japanese due to stop in NRT. Of course the best thing is when everyone is looking at your dish coming down the asile & wondering why it wasn’t on their menu!!

  2. I’m doing JFK-FRA RT this weekend in C (although I’m paying $2700 (Tax refund) – UA miles used up for Hubby & me in F to AMS for the tulips next month)
    I choose the Rack of lamb outbound; then the Steak and curried chicken for return. It looks like you found the pan-fried chicken on return – I may have to rethink the curry.

  3. Hey well I happen to work for SIA at JFK and the virgin lounge is only open to suites passengers Life and solitaire PPS members all business class passengers go to KLM lounge which happens to be called the Oasis Lounge shared by a number of other Airlines if you happend to be a Gold star alliance card holder then you would have the second option of going to the Swiss Loumge which is the only star alliance lounge in the terminal both the oasis and Swiss lounges are located before TSA security check point personally I would prefer going to the Swiss lounge as the have better food choice 🙂

  4. Lobster Thermidor is really good. I had even made the order again several times. I have tried the Thai Fishballs in Green Curry. It is also good, but very spicy. Basically the food served in Singapore Airlines is good. My family and I are always well fed when flying SQ.

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