Did you take the United Club coffee survey?

This ranks enormously low in the grand scheme of things the new United needs to be tackling right now, but have you come across the coffee survey in United’s clubs the past few months?

a card with text on itIt looks like it comes directly from the manufacturer and isn’t particularly linked to United besides bearing the “Club†logo on the card. I’d call it an advertisement, actually, as the cards are just displayed on the counter like a brochure without a designated place to leave it with remarks. Plus, they have possibly the worst ranking tiers I’ve ever seen on a survey – “Like It,†“Love It,†“Best Ever†and “Other.â€

Personally, I miss the Papa Nicholas brand – especially the hot chocolate packets as an option. It wasn’t great, but had more flavor than the more generic sounding Accolades brew now being served.

Coffee aside, I hope United is considering remodeling some of the clubs and perhaps coming up with a branded and refreshed look. I’m curious to know from the Northwest-turned-Delta flyers if the former WorldClubs simply saw new Delta signage, or if they ended up getting a refresh in the past couple of years since that merger?


  1. So the only negative option is “other” which also encompasses neutral feelings. I would think the negative would be the most important opinions in a survey.

  2. Delta has been remaking the old world clubs in their own image. They have been remodeling to layouts and decor that generally aren’t as pleasing but perhaps can pack in more people. We’re losing work areas and private/quiet spaces in favor of large open areas and oddly proportioned furniture.

    So yes, we got a refresh, but the preference of most is the old style.

  3. Not a fan of UA coffee in the lounges. I personal LOVE the coffee at the LAX’s Admiral club. It taste so good. Skip the starbucks line and go there!

  4. I had a cup of coffee in a Delta lounge at FLL and it was possibly one of the best cups I’ve had, anywhere (accept those ground/made here, at home)

  5. The coffee now being served in UA Clubs is pretty bad. It’s weak and has little flavor.

    The real test of a coffee is how it taste black, not loaded with milk and sugar. The Fresh Brew lacks taste.

  6. What a slanted survey. As a 1K on UA I have complained and written to UA about the bad coffee both in the cluns and on flights. I have spoken to several F/As who don’t like it as well and like me wish they would bring back Starbucks. While the F/As have complained they can’t do much about it and encourage us fliers to complain. Complaining in flight nets you a comment card to voice your concern.

  7. @Matt: Thanks for the info about the former Northwest clubs. I hope United goes the way of Continental’s layout and features if they do decide on a refresh.

  8. Even the 2nd round of “new” in-flight coffee on post-merger UA is pretty watery. Its easy to dilute coffee after brewing, but hard to add flavour after brewing. I’m not hung-up about Starbucks or branding, but at least on PMUA aircraft the latest coffee is still too watery. Rumours are that PMCO aircraft use less water per pot, and that those aircraft were used for the taste testing that apparently occurred.

    The new United Club brewed coffee (from the urns/tap) is too watery also. I really don’t care about the brand, but I want coffee that tastes like coffee, rather than tasting like “hot brown water” (quote from a European colleague who flies TATL on UA in paid J). Where possible, instead of coffee from the urns/tap, I get an “Americano” from the espresso/cappuccino machines (more below). This doesn’t work at PMCO United Club locations, as near as I can tell.

    Separately, the PMUA “Red Carpet Clubs” mostly have a really outstanding espresso/cappuccino machine available. This is a huge hit with my European and Asia/Pacific colleagues. One really hopes this gets added at least to all of the PMCO hub airport club locations, while keeping these machines at PMUA club locations that already have these machines.

    For comparison, US Airways clubs offer single-cup “Flavia” brewing machines. They have both dark and light roast coffees available, along with tea and hot chocolate. This is also a good offering, as one can pick the coffee strength one wants, including espresso, and each cup is brewed on-demand. This avoids stale coffee and wastage, but it handles fewer people/minute compared with an urn of pre-brewed coffee.

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