Flight Review: Virgin Australia Business Class Perth to Sydney

I flew to Perth on a Virgin Australia Airbus A330 sporting the old business class configuration, and I was excited to experience the new, more luxe layout on my return to Sydney.

If you didn’t read my outbound review, you should know that Qantas and Virgin Australia have really upped their game on this premium transcontinental route. Each offers international-style aircraft with upgraded seating and amenities, particularly in business class.

Before heading to the gate, I enjoyed a nosh and relaxed a bit in Virgin’s lounge. My inbound aircraft arrived from Melbourne right on-time and pulled into gate 25.

a large white airplane on a runwayan airplane at an airportThe crew on my return to Sydney was the same from the night before, and I again asked if I would be able to board early to snap some pictures. They happily obliged and cabin supervisor Adam warmly greeted me onboard.

people standing in a line in an airporta close-up of a boarding passThe business cabin is impressive and features 24 angled lie-flat seats in a 2-2-2 configuration.

a row of seats on an airplanea plane with seats and windowsa row of seats in an airplaneThe bulkhead row offers a huge amount of legroom, whereas the pod-like nature of the seats does reduce overall legroom in rows further back – especially when compared to the older configuration A330 I flew from Sydney to Perth.

a seat in a planea close-up of a seatBottled water, pillows, blankets and noise cancelling headsets await each passenger at their seats.

a white pillow and a case on a chairPre-departure beverage selections consisted of water, orange juice or champagne, and amenity kits are distributed along with the menu. Be sure to check out my thorough review of the men’s amenity kit.

a bag with items on itBefore coach passengers boarded, I took a quick peek.

rows of seats on an airplaneSettling into my assigned window seat of 3K, I discovered the two small storage compartments located just below the inflight entertainment screen. My travel wallet and video camera fit comfortably in each.

a close-up of a screena man standing on the back of an airplaneBoarding continued and business class ended up going out with only eight passengers, so each was comfortably seated in their own pair of seats without a neighbor. I got a great shot of Virgin’s inbound from Sydney landing while a Qantas A330 taxied:

a couple of white airplanes on a runwaya city with a river and treesThe Red entertainment system is basically identical to what you find on Virgin America with a wide selection of movies, television programs and games. Power ports included a 110V socket (nice for we Americans and pretty standard nowadays) and a USB connection.

a close up of a phonea close up of a remote controla close up of a pluga screen with a red and white screenThe headset plug is midway up the divider wall between seats, just underneath a funky light.

a seat in a plane

Extendable screen

a close up of a lightService began with a scented hot towel, beverage and warmed/lightly spiced nuts.

a bowl of nuts and a glass of water on a trayOnce again, I was salivating over the Luke Mangan-inspired menu. The drink and beverage list was identical to my outbound flight, so I’m not reproducing it here.

a menu with text on itI went with the celeriac soup with chives as my starter.

a bowl of soup and a roll of bread on a traya bowl of soup with green onionsThe salad was again small, but tasty, and presented with my main course of braised beef with pumpkin puree, snow peas, baby turnips and soy beans.

a plate of food and a bowl of salad on a traya plate of food on a blue surface I kid you not when I say it was the most tender, delicious beef dish I’ve ever had onboard an airplane. It literally melted in my mouth and my only complaint is that there wasn’t enough of it. I could easily have had seconds or even thirds. The cheese selection was identical to the outbound flight and I skipped over it in anticipation of the cherry and apple crumble dessert with vanilla custard. It was sublime and served at a perfect, hot temperature.

a bowl of food with a spoona cup of coffee with a spoon and sugar on a saucerAs I mentioned earlier, the seats are angled lie-flat, which is more than sufficient for a domestic flight.

a pillow on a seatThe lavatories have been upgraded with nicer fixtures on Virgin’s newer A330s and feature Grown hand wash and lotion.

bottles of liquid next to a sinkAfter service, mood lighting was set and I enjoyed the video entertainment watching a selection of Aussie TV programs  – a nice change from “30 Rock” as is so frequently found on flights in the U.S. (it was also available on this flight, however).

a row of seats in a planeService was as spectacular as it was on my outbound flight. Anneleise was serving the opposite aisle on this flight, but I had equally friendly and professional Sharon on my side of the cabin.

We arrived in Sydney on-time and my bag with a priority tag (which I now realize wasn’t applied on my outbound flight), was the second bag coming off the belt. And as before, my sport coat was returned to me in a complimentary garment bag.

a luggage tag with a barcode attached to ita white cloth with a logo on itVirgin Australia’s business class service is truly impressive and I greatly look forward to flying them internationally in the future. And while I flew as a guest of Virgin Australia, this is indeed my honest opinion of their service. It would be hard to find something to fault them on if you had my experience.

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  1. That setup is basically the same hard product that Singapore uses for their medium range biz class on the 777-200 and A330. I flew it earlier this year and found it very comfortable for lounging.

  2. Nice product, really! It’s amazing to see how Virgin has grown in oz. Of course the food looks amazing, I am curious to know one thing. Did the cabin crew garnish your meal at your seat? Or deliver it as it was shown in the picture? Nice post! Thanks for sharing.

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