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Flight Review: United Airlines BusinessFirst, San Francisco to Seoul

[This is the second part of my Million-Mile Trip Report. You can read the introductory post by clicking here.] My inbound flight from Reno arrived about four hours prior to boarding for the Seoul flight, so I had plenty of time to set up shop and get some work done in the international terminal United…

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The Reality Check That Is United Airlines Global First Class

I’ll post my full flight review in the coming days, but I feel compelled to dedicate a post on the less than international first class service I received and observed in United Global First last week. It’s no secret that United is remarkably inconsistent when it comes to in-flight service and I think it’s most…

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Flight Review: Virgin America First Class Los Angeles to Seattle

I’ve wanted to try Virgin America since they launched service, but was always so focused on spending my dollars where I had elite status. I decided to finally give them a try this past Fourth of July weekend on a quick trip to Seattle. And with the relatively low First Class fares they had on…

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Flight Review: Virgin Australia Business Class Perth to Sydney

I flew to Perth on a Virgin Australia Airbus A330 sporting the old business class configuration, and I was excited to experience the new, more luxe layout on my return to Sydney. If you didn’t read my outbound review, you should know that Qantas and Virgin Australia have really upped their game on this premium…

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Flight Review: United Airlines BusinessFirst Los Angeles to Sydney

It has been a few years since I’ve been back for a visit to Australia and given my relative work flexibility nowadays, this year ended up being a perfect time to spend another couple of weeks down under. Also, with my flexibility, I was able to book flights on United for which confirmable upgrade space…

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Flight Review: United Airlines BusinessFirst Newark to Dublin

I thought about doing a full-fledged trip report for my recent trip to Ireland, but decided against it as flying United internationally isn’t quite as exciting as some of my other travels. That said, I did habitually take pictures of everything, so here’s my first stand-alone “flight review†of United Airlines flight 22 from Newark…

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