Haven’t received your 2012 MileagePlus credentials? Me either

It might seem petty to be anxiously awaiting the arrival of my 2012 MileagePlus credentials, but as most of you know, Star Alliance “lounge dragons†demand a valid card for entry. I’ve witnessed many people turned away after not being able to present a current card even though their Star Gold status is clearly evident on their boarding passes, and since I still haven’t received mine with today’s mail, I called MileagePlus to complain.

a group of cards with textAs usual, calling more than once tends to yield different results, so I placed two calls directly to the MileagePlus Service Desk. Here’s a recap:

Call #1:

Agent: “Hello, this is Ms. Davis… am I speaking with Mr. Booth?â€

Me: “Yes, hello.â€

A: “Thank you for being a valued 1K, how may I assist you?â€

Me: “Well, I’m a bit concerned I haven’t received my new card yet and I have a flight tomorrow on Singapore Airlines in economy (okay, I lied). Singapore’s lounge agents have always needed a valid card for entry, so given I haven’t received mine, I’m at a loss of what to do.â€

A: “I’m so sorry. We mailed the cards and I know many still haven’t received them, so I’d recommend printing your activity from United.com to show that you’re a current 1K member.â€

Me: “I’ll hope for the best with that. Do you show when my card was mailed?â€

A: “No, we don’t have specifics for individual cards, but they were mailed.â€

Me: “In previous years, they were always sent via Standard mail, which can take up to a month… do you know when they were sent?â€

A: “Oh, I don’t think they’d mail 1K cards Standard mail. Hold on.â€

After about three minutes on hold…

A: “Thank you for your patience. They were mailed First Class, so you should receive it in within the next week.â€

Me: “Okay, thanks… I’ll hope for the best with the lounge agent.â€


Here’s how the second phone call went.

Call #2:

Agent: “Hello, am I speaking with Mr. Booth?â€

Me: “Yes, hello.â€

A: “How can I help you?â€

Me: “Well, I’m a bit concerned I haven’t received my new 1K card as of today’s mail and I’m flying with Singapore Airlines tomorrow in economy. The lounge agents have historically always required a valid card for entry, so I’m a bit worried I’ll be denied access.â€

A: “I’m sorry, Mr. Booth, but they were mailed last week.â€

Me: “Last year they were sent via Standard mail which can take up to a month. Do you know if that’s the case now?â€

A: “No, I was told they were mailed First Class. I can send you an email confirming your status if you like.â€

Me: “Yes, please, that would be helpful. I just hope the lounge agents accept it.â€

A: “Well, with the merger, we’ve advised Star Alliance that things are going slow, so hopefully the email will be accepted.â€

Me: “Thanks for your help.â€

Here’s the email as it was sent to me. Quite honestly, it’s not very official looking, but if you still haven’t received your credentials it might not hurt to give MileagePlus a call to request the same.

a screenshot of a computerFinally, if you’re a million-miler… be sure to check your doorstep for a FedEx package. This Flyertalk thread is reporting many MMs received their credentials and a gift today.

[Edited to add: Definitely follow Gene’s recommendation in his comment below to print a temporary card. Also, a friend here in Southern California received his Gold kit today and his, anyway, was sent standard mail…]

a close-up of a package


  1. This is nice they did this, but unless some of those dragons have been told to do so, I doubt many of them will care too much about this email. And for that matter, even if they are told about it, some might decide to ignore it anyway. Hope the cards come soon especially for *G in Y.

    • @SW: I think you’re right… producing a very generic looking email probably won’t sway a single agent.
      @Gene: Thanks for the info… it definitely is a better looking option than the email I received.
      @melissAA: Ack! *jealous* I received my AA card last month, at least… they at sent it First Class.

  2. Here’s an easier way — go to pss.united.com, login using your legacy Mileage Plus number and password, click on “View Account Details”, then click on “Print Duplicate Mileage Plus Card”. Your new 1K Premier card will appear, with your legacy Continental OnePass number as your new Mileage Plus number. Print this, and you should be good to go!

  3. Yes, United should have sent the new cards out or already.

    But since you didn’t actually need them right, what exactly was the purpose of you calling, other than to be annoying?

    • @Voice: To give people who actually need their cards immediately an option to get club access when flying internationally these next few days/weeks (e.g., requesting an email confirming status, printing their activity, etc).

  4. As of April 1st I didn’t receive mine. Printing duplicates from the website is disabled. Now I’m on the road and SOL.

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