Infographic: The best U.S. airports for business travelers

I’m a fan of infographics and this one is pretty neat. Using data from PC World, the New York Times and Executive Travel Magazine, it shows connectivity at several airports across the United States, an overview of Wi-Fi on airlines and top tech devices.

I’m a little surprised they left off many of the busiest airports like Atlanta, Chicago O’Hare, Los Angeles and San Francisco. I’d also like to know a bit more detail for the “Airport Tech Amenities” category and wonder why American and United did so poorly.

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Via: Online MBA News


  1. Delta is my backup airline and I haven’t been on one of their flights in two years that didn’t have wifi. They’ve got charging stations at many of their gates, and their mobile app is pretty good. I have to give them credit. They’re frequent flyer program may trail the rest of the industry, but they lead when it comes to integrating technology with their product.

    How many business travelers fly to Baltimore or Ft. Lauderdale? Not very complete without ATL, MSP, SFO, LAX or BOS.

    Interesting graphic, thanks for sharing!

    • @aadvantagegeek: Agree about Delta, though it’s been several years since I’ve flown them. Lots of DL fans love to tout the WiFi and I can’t say I’m not jealous.

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