The new United Airlines Shop is open for business… get your swag on!

The tulip has fully wilted, but this United Airlines loving geek is very happy to see the new United Shop is up and running. Last November or December they had a flash sale on the last remaining tulip items and they’ve very much restocked now with the newer logoed “globe†items.

a man holding a bag and a planeThis past Mother’s Day, I posted about what my Mom had to do to get something United-unique for me for my birthday when I was a kid. She basically broke into United’s headquarters in suburban Chicago just to shop at the company’s logo store. Today, though, we have the luxury of internet shopping and I’m so glad United brought back their online shop.

Speaking of my Mom, she and my Dad told me over Christmas they’d love to be able to surprise me with a gift I wouldn’t normally be expecting, so… hint, hint Mom & Dad… just about anything here would be wonderful.

I just placed my first order for post-its, cube notes, a business card holder and pens.

a close-up of a united airlines carda group of cubes with different designsa close-up of a walleta close-up of a penI’m impressed with the variety of items offered – from apparel to golf balls – but wish they’d be more reasonable with shipping rates. I was charged $13.79 for UPS ground on my order… pretty exorbitant in my opinion.

Happy shopping & flying!


  1. Why are there no kids’ United Airlines t-shirts–I only see toddler and baby sizes. Bummer since my hubby is a new pilot there and we wanted to order shirts to show our support!

  2. Looking for two United neck gaiter -my two sons work for United and love them but haven’t been able to find them-I want to buy them if you can tell me where. Thank you

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