Lufthansa customer service response very late, but appreciated

One of my readers sent me an email shortly after I posted my amenity kit review of Lufthansa’s First Class Bogner kit from earlier this year. She, too, really enjoyed the lotion found in the lavatories during her first class trip and wanted to know if I knew the brand. Most carriers nowadays team up with specialty or common manufacturers and include the brand information on most of the products included as amenities. Whereas the lotions inside the kits are brand-specific, Lufthansa had unbranded “generic†lotion in the lavatory.

She emailed Lufthansa and never received a response, so I did the same and included in my email a link to my review and mentioned how impressed I was with my trip, their service, etc. That email, rather web form via the Lufthansa’s USA website, went out on March 12th. After a couple of week’s not hearing back, I assumed I was being blown off and ignored, which I found odd for a non-U.S. carrier.

Side note: Perhaps I shouldn’t be so assumptive that U.S. carriers would be so dismissive, but I base that opinion on the many complaints I read online about travelers never hearing back from carriers on questions & issues. This gives me an idea for a future blog post, so stay tuned for that.

Anyway, back to Lufthansa, on May 31st I received an envelope at home from the carrier and was surprised to find the following card and handwritten note having basically forgotten about my previous request of them:

a envelope with a picture of a plane

a close-up of a letter

While incredibly late, it was a very nice gesture to take the time to send a card & note vs. sending an email with the same information. I emailed Lufthansa’s response to my reader and she thanked me for following up, but it sounds like she never received a response to her request. So, while I praise many non-U.S. carriers for being consistent in terms of always following procedures and being responsive in customer service matters, there is still obviously room for improvement. I wonder if I hadn’t mentioned my review if I would have received a response at all?



  1. Can I suggest next time you need to write to an airline you don’t mention your blog, etc and see if you do get a response?

    • That’s exactly what I’m going to do for a future post… you read my mind. I’m planning on shooting an email out to a bunch of carriers and summarize the responses (or non-responses) I receive. Should make for an interesting analysis!

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