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The painful inconsistency of airline call center agents

I’ve briefly touched on this subject in previous posts, but having just freshly ended another call with the United Airlines “elite” 1K Desk, I feel compelled to make a unique post about the matter. My experiences have ranged from incredible – clone this agent – to – why did I bother calling. The tried &…

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Testing airline response times and accuracy to question submitted online

A couple of weeks ago I decided to pose the same question to a number of airlines to see how quickly & accurately they would respond with an answer. While many airlines don’t publish an email for general questions, they do have online forms available to reach customer service or other departments with questions. I…

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Lufthansa customer service response very late, but appreciated

One of my readers sent me an email shortly after I posted my amenity kit review of Lufthansa’s First Class Bogner kit from earlier this year. She, too, really enjoyed the lotion found in the lavatories during her first class trip and wanted to know if I knew the brand. Most carriers nowadays team up…

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