New IRROPs Guidelines Reportedly Introduced at United

According to Flyertalk member SFOFastAir, allegedly a United employee, new irregular operations guidelines were recently introduced. And it sounds like they might be pretty darn good. Here’s what (s)he said on Flyertalk:

New guidelines for handling customers during IRROPs were published this week. The new guidelines have just about everything that I’ve seen that FTers want. These guidelines are more similar to what pmUA did but go somewhat further in the customer’s favor and from what I gather here on FT represent a radical change from pmCO procedures. So if you’re in an IRROP situation and don’t think you are getting what you deserve ask the agent if they’re aware of new guidelines communicated in early Jan 2013.

If they do indeed contain everything Flyertalkers want, I’d imagine hotel rooms for Premier 1Ks for weather-related delays/cancellations may be back. And I wonder what “going somewhat further” could include?

If true, I hope they publish the new policy on, or at the minimum UA Insider on Flyertalk will confirm and provide the details.

[Update:] A new Flyertalk thread has been started exclusive to this topic. And SFOFastAir added (bolding mine), “Believe when I say they offer just about everything FTers have ever said they should get in terms of getting to where they are going. They do not address or change the amenities provided during IRROPs.” So if this means the former unpublished 1K benefit of hotels during weather is/will be back remains to be seen. Some of the commentary points to simply “better” protection on other airlines and/or rebooking in full Y-class.
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  1. I would imagine they will extend some of the previously pmUA 1K benefits to Premier Platinum. I’ve survived for 4 years as Premier Exec/Gold/Plat, so there is nowhere to go but up.

  2. Ill believe when I see it. I can’t imagine them doing anything for anyone other than Global Services when it has anything to do with weather… And it is anything like CO, it’s always weather related.

  3. SFOFastAir’s original post (in the “Boarding Process” thread) has been moved to its own thread, but SFOFastAir later commented in the “Boarding Process” thread that there are no changes to the “amenities” provided, but that the new policies “offer just about everything FTers have ever said they should get in terms of getting to where they are going”.

    I’m awfully curious about what that means, but I’m guessing that (1) no change to 1K/hotel policies, but (2) rerouting, rebooking in Y, protecting, and transfers to other airlines are going to be more liberal for elites.

  4. Exactly, all they are enhancing is taking away the need to wait for the fare bucket you have paid to appear for rebooking. Not a big deal really.
    (Of course the hotels aren’t coming back!)

  5. I had an IRROPS today, the ony thing they did is book me on Y class on all the segments, so at least i earn a 150%

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