New United Airlines amenity kits to debut

United Airlines posted pictures of its new amenity kits on Facebook yesterday. The Global First version looks quite nice and an upgrade from the current version, though the case might not be as reusable. Sadly, the BusinessFirst version doesn’t appear to be much of an upgrade from the current United Business Class model – and a significant downgrade from the Continental BusinessFirst version. I’ll be sure to get my hands on both soon for my Amenity Kit Review series. I’m flying BusinessFirst internationally next week, so I’m hoping they’ll be boarded.

What’s your take based on the pictures below?

a close-up of a bag

Courtesy: United Airlines


a close-up of a black bag

Courtesy: United Airlines

a close-up of a bag

Courtesy: United Airlines



  1. Flew Global First ORD-AMS last week and the new case does look much more useful! Flight attendant was amused when I spread the contents out to take a picture like you do.

  2. I don’t see the point in putting “Global” First more than once on the inside of the amenity kit. Is $mi$ek that desperate to remind the pax that they are on UA?

  3. The United GlobalFirst logos repeating over and over are ugly. What happened to the concept of ‘white space’ for some breathing space?

  4. Flew Global F a couple weeks ago and thought that the kit was actually rather useful (not the trendiest, but one I used during that trip)

    Have another GF flight next week, hopefully it’ll be out by then.

  5. Just flew HKT-SFO Business and the current amenity kit was a joke. The products are cheap and the pouch is useless, it was a huge downgrade from the Continental BusinessFirst kits. The new products and kit design posted look better. I won’t have another international trip until Fall so I will keep my eye out for upcoming reviews and feedback. Have a great time for those who are traveling and thanks for all the info.

  6. Flew BF twice over the last few weeks. First time was the old pouch which was pretty useless. The second time had the new kit which was much nicer. It contained quite a bit of stuff, actually and the pouch is much nicer than what was offered before from United. It’s no home run by a long shot, but it’s a huge improvement over the cheap PMUA pouch IMHO.

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