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Even though I had my United-generated boarding pass for the Singapore Airlines portion, I checked in with them in Terminal 4 just to get Singapore’s “properly†branded boarding pass and the lounge invitation. The flight was scheduled on-time and with my early arrival on United, I had more than enough time to check out both the Swiss lounge and contracted, non-airline-specific Oasis lounge.

First stop was the Swiss lounge, for which I had access as a Star Alliance Gold cardholder. It’s outside of security just beyond the check-in aisles and the first indication I wasn’t going to be impressed was the tiny reception area. With a couple of people already standing at the counter, I had to stand in the doorway and ended up stepping back out several times just to allow people to exit.

Once my credentials were checked, I made my way inside to the right (first class was to the left), which opened up to a dining area with table seating and a row of barstool seating along the windows overlooking the tarmac. This area had the main buffet spread and items included salads, pasta, rice, a chicken dish and more.

a man standing in front of a windowa buffet with different types of food I grabbed a snack and sat along the windows for a bit before heading over to the main seating area further inside the lounge. Before getting up, I snapped a pic of the self-serve bar area to my left, which had a couple of Swiss aircraft models sitting up top – too far away for me to snag one to take. 😉

a plane on the ceilingYou pass a row of magazines and newspapers, and the restrooms, on the way to the fairly sizable seating area with leather chairs. It was absolutely packed, but I did manage to get an empty seat just vacated to sit down for a bit. Another self-serve bar area was located nearby with the usual selection of lounge beverages. Each side of this section, if I recall correctly, had televisions. While there was staff clearing old glassware and plates, it was just too busy to keep up, which made for a cluttered and negative impression.

people in a waiting rooman airplane parked at an airportBy this point (15 minutes total), I decided to head over to the Oasis lounge to see if it was more serene and on my way out, I did notice a door near the restrooms that was labeled “Shower,†so there is at least one shower room. A small business center was opposite the restrooms. Had this lounge been less crowded, I probably would have enjoyed it a bit more.

a white card with yellow writing on itThe Oasis lounge was also located pre-security along the same windows facing the tarmac, but at the opposite end of the terminal. I handed over my invitation and then noticed china hutches flanking the nearby walls filled with glassware and other items I thought were strange for an airport lounge. More airplane models were out of reach atop.

a group of model airplanes on top of a cabinetWood floors, multi-colored leather chairs, plants scattered about and patio umbrellas gave this spacious lounge a tropical feel, deserving of the Oasis name. It’s definitely larger than the Swiss lounge. The single buffet area included items such as wraps, rolls, sandwich wedges, vegetables, chips and hot items of rice, steamed veggies and some type of chicken dish. A complete range of beverages was also available.

a buffet line in a hotelThere are several unique seating areas and I chose a seat along the windows.

a room with a table and chairs and a lampOne end of the lounge just beyond the buffet area had table and stool seating, then opened up to a television and business center area.

a group of people in a room with tables and chairsThe other end of the lounge had a unique room with a faux fireplace that sort of seemed like a combo between a family room, den and strangely, a dining room with a long wood table.

a room with a table and chairsThe men’s room was rather small and I did see door labeled “Shower room†in this lounge, as well.

While the lounge did fill up, there’s just a lot more space, so I enjoyed myself here in comparison to the Swiss lounge. Wi-Fi required a code, which the front desk provides. I left the lounge well more than an hour before departure to leave enough time for security and capture additional pics and video of my A380 I watched towed into the gate while inside the lounge.

Up next: SQ Flight 25 in Business Class JFK-FRA.


  1. Enjoying this trip report and looking forward to the next post! Can you elaborate more on how you used United miles for this trip? I also want to do the JFK-FRA route but can’t find a single day with business class availability in the next few months!

    • @RL: Back when SQ announced they’d be swapping out the 747 for A380 on this route, they hadn’t yet shut down award availability for business class, but since have. There was a period of a couple of weeks last month (or March) where availability was still seen, but other people commented in a previous post that it’s more difficult to find now. I originally used the ANA award tool to search a range of dates at a time.

    • @AAdvantage Geek: I don’t know what I’m going to do when card stock goes away. BPs printed from web check-in just aren’t exciting. 🙁

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