New United Airlines ‘Bistro on Board’ Items Look Pretty Tasty

United today introduced an updated Choice Menu to include new “Bistro on Board” fresh food items… and they look pretty darn good.

They’ll be available on flights within North America and to/from Central America that are more than 3.5 hours in length.

For breakfast, new “morning energy” selections are available, one of which features a hard-boiled egg, cheese, grapes and wheat roll with almond butter ($6.99 – a bit pricey for not much food). They’ve paired it with a Bloody Mary (that gives you energy?) for the promo image:

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United’s morning energy Bistro on Board selection

For flights later in the day, a new $8.99 caprese baguette and $8.49 Asian-style noodle salad with chicken are available (among other items).

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United’s new caprese baguette

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United’s new Asian-style noodle salad

Flights to Hawaii from Chicago, Newark, Houston and Washington will get upgraded items, including a bistro scramble with eggs, potatoes, ham, bell peppers and cheddar cheese. For lunch and dinner, a chicken stir fry will be available. Both items run $9.99 and are heated, according to the new Choice Menu.

The Classic, Savory and Tapas snackboxes will still be available, as well as other items.

Here’s a look at United’s very short promo video featuring the new Bistro on Board items:

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  1. Are they serving them on those fancy plates? In Y, will you get your bloody mary in a real glass? That’s some fancy plating there that I doubt you’ll see on the real product.

  2. The pictures look pretty awesome…let’s hope the reality is close though. I do sometimes get these on business trips when I don’t get upgraded. The hamburger on the current list is not that bad, as those things go…

    • @SkiCat: I’ve gone with the cheeseburger a couple of times and enjoyed it… it’s not stellar, but it hit the spot for a warm meal (snack) in coach.

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