Nostalgia: United Airlines Mileage Plus cards 1990-Present

If you haven’t already figured me out, I’m an airline geek to the max and save absolutely everything related to my travels. As such, I’ve kept every frequent flyer card issued to me from any airline no matter its expiration. My favorite, quite honestly, is my Pan Am card, but given I received my new United Airlines MileagePlus card yesterday, I thought I’d share a look at how its design has changed throughout the years.

My favorite was the 2002 edition with the United tulip featured on the right-hand side of the card. Sadly, I lost my original Mileage Plus card when I signed up in 1988… it was blue and looked very similar to the 1990 Premier card you see at the top. What’s your favorite design?

P.S. I worked in the industry — including United — from 1995 (the fifth ‘Emeritus’ card below) through 2001, so lost status and received the blue card as a general member of Mileage Plus.

a group of credit cards on a carpet




  1. Dude, I *love* this!!!! i was looking to see what MP looked like in the past, and wow! I get the whole lot on up to today! holy smokes, dude, you are so cool. i wish i had my card from when i was a ‘lil kid in the mid 90s =(

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