Sunday graphic: The Frequent Flyer

I saw this on someone’s Facebook wall the other day and thought it was pretty darn funny. I end up doing a lot of “What I really do” in order to do “What society thinks I do.” I’m sort of at a loss for the meaning/translation of “What my boss thinks I do.” Any ideas?

a collage of people in different situations



  1. Having just come back from 45+ hours of flying this weekend, I can definitely relate to “what I really do.” I don’t even have the energy for “what I think I do.”

    Now I realize why I don’t tell my boss what I do.

  2. Back to the meaning of “What my boss thinks I do,” I think it means that my boss would think I’m doing something stupid and pointless with my life and wasting my time. In the movie, George should have just gotten the guts to ask her out, and instead he was being a pervert and falling out of trees.

    • @Scottrick: That’s a good translation… I might’ve had that particular picture show someone at the end of a VERY long check-in line.

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