1. The answer to whether Qantas will dump its membership of oneworld has very much been answered: no. Joyce was specifically asked this question at the media conference and the answer was categorically that QF would remain very much a part of oneworld.

    • @Josh: Thanks for the insight. I asked someone else who was there and they said there was no mention of oneworld. But will oneworld accept such a divorce?

  2. @Darren: thanks for welcoming my comment. Of all the talk of the EK tie-up, QF’s relationship with oneworld has been my number one concern. I was very relieved when Joyce confirmed QF would remain in oneworld. As for how other oneworld carriers feel, that remains to be seen but given BA has reportedly been courting QR to join, and the fact that BA and EK are quite significant competitors, there will surely be some unease within the oneworld alliance.
    @Scott: EK has always ruled out joining an alliance. At the press conference this morning their CEO more or so reinforced this, pointing out their cooperative arrangements with Jet Airways, South African Airways and JAL among others. I don’t think they will join an alliance.

  3. The bigger question is whether Emirates will join One World? That would be huge, and might prompt Qatar Air to join *A. The biggest downside to flying these carriers is the inability to credit miles to your preferred carrier.

  4. Bummer – was hoping to go LHR-SIN-SYD on QF next year (via OneWorld Explorer using AA miles); will now be via Dubai. Does anyone know when QF’s schedule will be updated to reflect the change (EU flights via Dubai)?

  5. Simon, when the QF/EK agreement details are more solid and approved by the ACCC (the Australian Competition regulatory body). Give this at least a couple of months.

  6. EK reinforced that they don’t plan on joining an alliance any time soon, as they prefer agreements like this one.
    And regardless of what QF brass says, I won’t be surprised if QF leaves or is forced out within a few years.

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