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Australia updates from British Airways, Qantas and Virgin Australia

It was another media release frenzy in Australia this week with several announcements by British Airways, Qantas and Virgin Australia. Here’s a summary by carrier: Travelers from London currently have two options to fly British Airways to Sydney, namely via Singapore or Bangkok with continuing service to Australia. Beginning next March the carrier will discontinue…

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British Airways Concorde to become London attraction next year

Plans are underway to bring one of the last Concordes to fly to a yet to be built attraction along the River Thames in London. The “Alpha Bravo” supersonic jet earmarked for public display last flew on August 15, 2000, and is currently sitting in a British Airways hangar at Heathrow Airport. Investors need to…

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Video: The future of air travel according to Braniff International circa 1960s

Here’s a pretty hilarious video showing how Braniff International Airways envisioned the future of air travel on supersonic jets. It apparently was made in the 1960s, showing their interpretation of what 1975 air travel might be like. This is a must watch with some pretty amusing takeaways. Check out the woman in the silver outfit…

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