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Rumor: Did American Airlines Leak Its New Elite Status Requirements?

The “big” news this week so far has been United’s addition of a revenue requirement to achieve or maintain elite status beginning in 2014. I wrote a quick summary of the new policy in this post, and I followed it up with my thoughts on why I think it’s only the beginning of revenue-based changes.…

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Love It or Hate It, Airlines and Travel Writers Do April Fools Right

There’s just no escaping April Fools’ Day, especially if you’re engaged in monitoring social media all day. And while I’m not an enormous fan of it, there are some good ones today in the airline and travel world. Here are my favorites: Exclusive: Memo Details New United Airlines ‘Super Elite’ Level by Christopher Elliott: Did…

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Why an American-US Airways merger worries me

In my daily Google alert email for American Airlines, I see multiple articles about the ever-increasing possibility that US Airways will be successful in making a bid for American. And deep in my gut, I think it’s gonna happen. I have absolutely no insight into the economics of such a merger, but if I were…

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