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Dropping Elite Tiers or Losing Status in 2014? Do You Care?

As you’re undoubtedly aware, it’s nearing the end of the qualifying year for 2014 airline and hotel elite status with December 31 quickly approaching. And for the first time in, well, forever, I’m either dropping tier levels or losing status completely in all of my travel loyalty programs. If I were reading this post, say,…

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Rumor: Did American Airlines Leak Its New Elite Status Requirements?

The “big” news this week so far has been United’s addition of a revenue requirement to achieve or maintain elite status beginning in 2014. I wrote a quick summary of the new policy in this post, and I followed it up with my thoughts on why I think it’s only the beginning of revenue-based changes.…

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My Thoughts on Delta’s Likely SkyMiles Program Changes

Delta Air Lines published upcoming changes to the SkyMiles program earlier today. Whether it was deliberate or an error, the page has since been taken down from Delta’s website. But not before an astute Flyertalker captured the details, as shown below. [Updated 1/17: Delta has indeed announced the MQD portion below this morning] Earning Medallion…

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