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United’s Generous Compensation, Yet Impersonal Reply About My Cancelled Flight

I posted last week about how I proactively rebooked myself and was able to keep my upgrade after my United Airlines Sydney to Los Angeles flight cancelled. The next day, I emailed ‘1K Voice’ asking for compensation for the 24-hour delay and subsequent expenses incurred for an extra day in Australia. I further explained that…

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Round two: My problems redeeming a United Airlines e-certificate

I previously posted about my issues trying to redeem a United Airlines customer appreciation certificate and I spent another 45 minutes on the phone with United last night for round two (really three). Here’s a recap of what happened prior to my call: The certificate wasn’t recognized when I tried making a booking online. During…

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My problems redeeming a United Airlines e-certificate

I may have spoken too soon regarding my smooth sailing with the United Airlines system changeover. Earlier this week, I tried to redeem an e-cert (customer appreciation certificate) online for a new booking and received an error message that the cert couldn’t be found. I called United and the agent asked me to build a…

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